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WEEKEND [2019]

by - Monday, May 20, 2019

Hey Hey Monday!!

What a busy weekend we had BUT SO MUCH FUN!!  It's weekends like this one that makes me super ready for summer days with my kiddos.  Which is only 10 1/2 DAYS AWAY!!  Eeeek!  We are so close!
Friday, Cooper & Millie Jo had their field day at school!
I was the mama running from field to field to make sure I didn't miss them since K-2 & 3-5 were on opposite sides!
The things we do for our babes!😉
Dan got home from work & him & I laid across the bed to talk about our day … it was a good 20 seconds before all three kiddos were piled up on top of us!
This is us & I wouldn't trade it.
 Friday evening, I found this girl sound asleep in our bed.  That sunshine will make you so sleepy!

Saturday morning, Dan took Coop & I took the girls to run a few errands before we headed to my niece's first birthday party!
It was watermelon themed & just the CUTEST!!
And we just HAD to use the watermelon as a photo op!
This is the face she makes when you ask her to show you her teeth.
I never want to forget this!!
 Itty Bitty thought Millie Jo going down the slippin' slide was just so funny.
Our sweet nieces, Eva & Hadleigh!
Happy FIRST birthday, Hattie Girl!

After the party, we went to my sister-in-loves for dinner & more swimming.
We stayed until it got dark & then headed home for showers & bedtime!
Sunday afternoon, we stayed outside all day long because this weather we are having is gorgeous.  Hot, but gorgeous!
For dinner, me & Coop made pizza.
The boy LOVES to cook!
Dear his future wife, you are welcome.

A weekend full of laughs & sunshine!

Have the best week, friends!

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