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by - Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Hey there Wednesday!

I mentioned last week when I shared our SPRING BREAK RECAP that one day, we spent the day at the zoo & today I'm here to share all about it with this post & a new video!
We headed to the zoo early one morning & my mama joined us!

The zoo is split up in two parts .. North America & Africa.  
We started in North America!
And this baby loved seeing all the animals.
Along with the cutest playground, they have a "pretend" creek for kids to play in & y'all, we could've spent all day there!  It was the neatest place!
And now I want a pretend creek behind our house.
From the looks of it, you would think it was my first time seeing a giraffe & not Ellie Joy's.  HA!  But goodness gracious, those things are huge!
 After we finished up on the North America side, we hopped on the tram to go back to the car so we could have a picnic before we headed to the Africa side!
I really wish we would have started on the Africa side because it was so much cooler than the North America side!  So if you're planning on making a trip, make sure you start there! 
By the end of the day, Millie Jo & Itty Bitty were exhausted so my mom sat with them while me, Dan & Coop walked up to see the elephants!
We closed the place down & had the best day!

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