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by - Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hey there, friends!

I hope y'all had a sweet Mother's Day weekend because I know we sure did!
Like, as sweet as this baby boy!
Friday, I spent the day with him, my sister-in-love, Itty Bitty & my mama.

And Friday evening, we grabbed dinner & then headed to get a snow cone!
And we decided to make it a family affair! 😉
The whole reason we got a snow cone was because of this boy right here.
I am beyond proud of this boy of mine for moving up SIX levels of reading & surpassing his third grade goal of Q & getting to an R!!  Third grade has rocked our world & reading has been a struggle .. I'm talking lots of tears but Coop has worked so hard & DID it!!  Eeeeeek!
I promised him an avalanche size snow cone if he hit his goal & this mama would have bought him four!  I just happened to be up at his school the day he was told he passed his M-Class test & when he found me & told me with the sweetest little note, I cried.  Yep, cried y'all! 
 I'm so dang proud of him!!  He still keeps saying "Mom, I just wasn't expecting to make it to an R!"
The snow cream queen.
A girl after my own heart!!
Saturday morning, we went to an auction with my parents …
And afterwards, we grabbed lunch at a local café …
Dan snapped these pictures of their "crazy" faces while we waited for our food.
Three cutest lunch dates ever!

Saturday afternoon, all three kiddos went to Mimi & Paw-Paw's for a few hours, so Dan & I did what any other parents would do … grocery shopped.  Later, we met up with the kiddos & grabbed dinner.
When we got home, Dan helped Cooper, Millie Jo & Ellie Joy make my Mother's Day present & they couldn't wait until Sunday morning to give them to me.

And y'all, my hubby even videoed because he knew I would want it!

I mean!!
Dan, you're the best..
Millie Jo made this at school & the inside said she loves me because of the good cakes I make!  I mean, I would call them pinterest fails but the girl obviously thinks they're the best!
And Coop made this with tea & a bookmark attached to it.
He cracks me up!

Sunday morning, we headed to church for breakfast & to watch our nephew get dedicated.
And then we went to my parents for lunch!
Itty Bitty loves being read to & it's a good thing because she has a big sister that LOVES reading.
Sunday afternoon, we came home, napped & did absolutely nothing & it was amazing!

It was a super sweet weekend!

I am so thankful that God has entrusted me with these tiny humans. 
I love being their mama!

Have the best Tuesday!

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