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Easy Date Night Ideas With Your Hubby

by - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ok, so I have a confession.  It took me a VERY long time after having my babies to want to leave them ... even if it was only long enough for my hubby & I to go have dinner together.  I just was not having it.  Surely I'm not the only mama who had trouble with this!?!  I had carried them for 9 months & they were still so little ... I mean, they NEEDED me.  They needed their mama!  It wasn't until much later that I realized that my hubby NEEDED me, too.  No, not to take care of him ... not to feed him dinner ... not to bathe him ... but he needed my love & attention.  I would try to explain to him over & over again that our new baby depended on me & that he was just silly for trying to get me to go on dates & leave our babies.

Goodness, looking back on all the times he tried to get me away for a quick weekend getaway or just a dinner date & I said "no way" really makes me feel bad.  Am I crazy or is that just a mama thing!?  Hello, those sweet babies that I didn't want to be away from would never be here if it weren't for me & my hubby.  I should probably add that it wasn't that Dan didn't want our babies at dinner with us, it's just he wanted alone time with me.  He wanted me & my undivided attention.

I can remember {after lots of time talking me into it} I finally left Cooper with my parents one night.  My mom came & picked him up from our house & when they left I just cried.  Dan came home from work & told me we could go pick him up if I wanted to.  Such a sweet man.  We didn't but the fact that he offered made me feel much better.  We went to dinner & guess what??  Coop was just fine when we went & picked him up later that evening after dinner.  His safety was not at all what I was so worried about ... it was more of oh gosh, what if he wants me & I'm not there.  A guilt thing, I suppose.

By the time Millie Jo came I had finally gotten used to Coop staying the night with my parents & in-loves but like with my first baby, the second one wasn't easy either. Its just something about leaving your new baby for the first time.  It's hard!  But I did it.

Here we are 2 kiddos & an angel later & we try to go on a date if not once a week once every other.  Cooper & Millie Jo will ask to go spend time with their grandparents & I'm like sure thing, you go right ahead.  What time should I have you ready? HA!  One of the craziest things though is that as soon as they're gone my house is way too quiet & I am immediately ready for them to come back home!

Focusing on your marriage & catching up with one another is extremely important.  It's so nice to step away from the craziness sometimes (don't get me wrong ... I love our crazy) & just have each others full attention.  So new mamas & any mamas for that matter ... leave those babies in good hands for a few hours & give all your attention to your hubby.  They need us.  They miss us.  They want us.  We as mamas need to give ourselves a break.  It's ok to take a date night to relax & reenergize.  The only way we can give our all to being a mama is by taking care of ourselves.  Let's not feel guilty for doing that, girls!

I have put a list of 10 ideas together for some easy date night ideas to have with your hubby.  It doesn't even have to be anything fancy.  Some of my most favorite dates are the ones where we do absolutely nothing at home but put our cell phones away & just talk.

1.  Dinner :: Get dressed up & go out to dinner.

2.  Dinner & a movie ::  Go out to dinner & then head to the movies.  I will admit, the movies are not at the top of our personal favorite date night ideas but some people love it.  Why do I want to go sit in a dark room & not be able to talk to my hubby for 2 hours??  To me, it defeats the purpose.  That is just me though! 

3.  A game of putt-putt :: Y'all, we are putt-putt loving people around here.  It's just a fun date where you can go be silly together & cut up.  And there is nothing wrong with a fun little bet ;).

4.  A night in & cook together :: One of my favorites!  We decide what we want to cook, cook it together & have music playing while we cook.  I'm sure Dan would say his favorite part is when Deana Carter's Strawberry Wine comes on & I start singing at the top of my lungs with the spatula as if it were my microphone.  You know what I'm talking about, girls!!!

5.  Drive-in Movie :: As you know, the movie theater isn't my personal fav but oh how I love the drive-in.  For those of you who aren't familiar with a drive-in, it's an open field that has a huge movie screen, you park & watch the movie outside.  Such a fun summer night date.

6.  Netflix date :: Hang out at home & watch Netflix.

7.  Go restaurant hopping ::  Go to one restaurant for drinks/appetizers, another one for your main course & then one for dessert.  Dan & I did something similar back in January.  We went to dinner, ice skating & then got dessert before going home.  It works perfectly because by the time you get finished with one & go to the next place you're ready for what you went there for.

8.  Karaoke ::  Go dance & sing!  Dan & I have went several times but only danced while others were singing karaoke.  Maybe one day we will work up the nerve to sing ... but I highly doubt it!

9.  Shopping ::  Even if it's just window shopping!

10.  Game night :: Stay in & play board games.

I totally get that some of these things won't sound fun to everyone & that's ok.  They are things we have done & have really enjoyed so I wanted to share.  We love laughing together. 

I don't think we should ever stop dating our spouse! :)

Before I go I would like to wish my Nelly a very happy birthday!
I am so thankful for you & hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve it!!
We love you, Poppy Pop!

Happy Wednesday, friends!



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