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A Little Bit of This & That . . .

by - Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hey, Hey Thursday.

So I was looking through my phone & realized that I have only taken a total of three pictures this week.  Y'all, if it's not building Legos then we haven't done it.  We did get out of the house yesterday for a couple hours but that's pretty much it.  I won't lie, it has been pretty nice just staying home.

I did clean my entire house on Monday & got all the laundry done.

Here are the three pictures I took ...
I told you Monday about Coop's Lego fire station that he has been asking me to help put together.  Well, we started Sunday night & finally finished it on Tuesday.  We sat at our dining room table every morning & evening together & worked on it.

I bet he said "Mom, you're the best Lego builder" about 25 times while we built it.  Tuesday night, while tucking him in, he said "I had so much fun building Legos with you, Mom."  Oh my heart, just hearing those ten words made the neck pain (from looking down at the table for so long) worth it.
Most nights you can find us right here catching up on our shows.

We've slowly been getting back into a routine at bedtime since school starts back in 18 ... yes, 18 DAYS! Where the heck did summer go!?  I am so not ready for Coop to go back to school.
Yesterday we just had to get out of the house so we headed to Monkey Joe's with friends.
I couldn't believe that Millie Jo actually got close to him ... & even wanted a picture!

And that's it.
We've done a whole lot of nothing this week & have loved it.  I mean, it's currently 5pm right now while I write this post & I've been in my pjs since we got home from Monkey Joe's at 3pm! :)

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


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