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A {Summer} Day in the Life of Us ...

by - Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our summer days are pretty laid back & are loved so much.

Today I'm sharing with you what a day in our life looks like during the summer ...
Dan leaves for work about 6:30 every morning & I am up at 7am on most days ... some days earlier & some days later.  The days of sleeping in are loooooong gone for this mama.

I love getting up, doing my quiet time & then getting a few things done around the house before my babes wake up.
I eat breakfast ...
An egg & a piece of toast with grape jelly has been my go-to lately.
After breakfast I work on my blog.
I read the posts from the blogs I follow for that day, too :).
My kiddos have been getting up about 8:30 every morning.
They get up, eat breakfast & either play in the playroom or watch cartoons.
While they do that if the laundry needs to be switched/put away I do that.
We have lunch about noon & while we are eating Dan usually comes home from work to have lunch with us unless he has a meeting.
On this particular day we were heading to the waterpark after Grammy got off of work at 2.
Love these three.

We spent the afternoon/evening at the waterpark then came home & showered.  By the time we got home Dan was home from work.  Typically I would cook & have dinner ready but this was a "whatever you can find" night.
After giving Millie Jo a bath I found Coop in our bed fast asleep.
Once the kiddos are in bed Dan & I go to bed & watch a little bit of tv ... this night we were watching Big Brother :: After Dark.  It's usually Full House or Friends though.
I try to be asleep by 10 but most nights it is 11.

And there you have it!  A day in the life of us.

A fun little fact before I go ... 8 years ago today Dan proposed to me.
And I just thought I loved him then.

Have a great Tuesday, y'all!



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