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What's Up Wednesday

by - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Today I'm linking up with Mix and Match Mama, Pinterest Told Me To & The Larson Lingo for What's Up Wednesday :)
Here we go!
What we're eating this week ...
I think the question should be what are we NOT eating this week.  I imagine it's going to be lots of turkey, ham, casseroles, desserts.  I can't wait! We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents last night because they are going out of town & I made this dessert.  Sooo good, oh my heart!
What I'm reminiscing about ...
Millie Jo's first Thanksgiving!
I can't believe my girl will be THREE in just two months!
What I'm Loving ...
My little man's first school picture! {insert big puffy heart here}
What We've Been Up To Lately ...
Oh, you know ... just loving life :)
We attempted a family picture last night .. it only took about 20 to get everyone smiling!
What I'm dreading ...
Not a thing!
What I'm Working On ...
I've really been wanting a buffet for my dining room & last week we found one!  It needs a little bit of work done to it so it's currently sitting in our garage until we finish it but it's going to be so pretty!
What I'm Excited About ...
Call me crazy, but I LOVE when our elf, Fred comes to visit!  Now, I will be the first to admit that sometimes I forget to move him & Dan has to before he goes to work but I love watching my kiddos look for him every morning!
What I'm Watching ...
Oh just every Christmas movie that we come across.  Our TV stays on the Hallmark channel.  We are super excited for ABC Family's count down to Christmas!
What I'm Listening To ...
We keep this cd playing all the time in the house this time of year.
It is one of our favorites .. especially Coop's.  He knows the words to all the songs & to hear him sing them is the funniest thing!
What I'm Wearing ...
Gosh y'all, I wish I had a super cute outfit to show you but I got nothing.
I mean, this is real life & I'm sitting in our big chair in yoga pants & my new favorite moccasin slippers enjoying our Thanksgiving break.  You can find my slippers here :) They're super comfy & warm!
What I'm Doing This Weekend ...
Yep, you guessed it!
Dan & I go out every Black Friday to finish up our Christmas shopping.  He loves it just as much as I do!  We only have a few more things to buy & we're finished with our shopping!
What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month ...
A couple years ago we did the Polar Express train ride to the "North Pole" ... This will be Millie Jo's first time going & I know she's going to love it!!
The first time we ever went was when Cooper was only 8 months old!
Look at that sweet fella!  Where does the time go!?!
That's What's Up Wednesday for the month of November!
Every year we get up on Thanksgiving morning, eat breakfast & watch the parade together before it's time to go to family's house for lunch!  I can remember being a little girl & watching it every year so this was a tradition Dan & I always wanted to have with our kiddos :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!
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