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Three Things Right Now ...

by - Monday, November 09, 2015

Happy Monday y'all!
Andrea, which is a blogger I follow did a post like this last week & I thought it was just the neatest thing & such a fun way to remember/share special things :)
Here we go ...
1. Cooper thinks with his heart.  Yes, he is mine & I may be a little partial but he really is the sweetest little boy.  He always thinks about others & how they feel first.  If he gets something (a prize, candy, toy, etc.) he always shares.  He loves making people smile & that makes my heart so happy.
2. Cooper is such a hard worker.  Whether it's yard work or cleaning up the house, Cooper gives 100% in all that he does.  He loves helping people.
3. Cooper loves school.  I mean, he loves it so much that when he gets home everyday he wants to "play" school & wants me to be the teacher.  He loves to learn! I'm so proud of my sweet little kindergartener!
1. Millie Jo loves to dance.  If you see my girl, chances are she's dancing & twirling around.  She walks around saying "roll to the side, roll to the side, shake my tutu" :)
2. Millie Jo is always "writing" & coloring.  If we are at home she has a notebook & coloring book out.  Listen, I'm just glad she finally learned that we color on paper...not other things like the wall, her bitty baby, or MY pocketbooks!
3. Millie Jo loves babies.  She thinks every baby is hers ... & I don't just mean her baby dolls.  She wants to be a little mama to anyone smaller than her .. & even though her brother is bigger than her she likes to take care of him too.  It's so much fun to watch her.  I love her caring little soul. 
1. Daniel has such a loving heart.  I've always known this but he really is the bomb dot com.  I mean, he even cooked dinner for us some last week!
2.  Daniel has been super busy at work.  He's such a hard worker though & is awesome at what he does!
3. Daniel has a birthday coming up.  The big 2-9...his last year in his 20's!  I can't believe we met & he was only 16.  Time sure does fly by!  I pray 29 rocks :)
1. I have been listening to Christmas music like crazy.  I just love it.  I listen to it while I take a shower, while I'm cleaning, while I'm blogging, while I'm cooking ... pretty much anytime of the day!
2. I've been doing a load of laundry a day ... & it has been a life saver.  Oh my heart!  Erika, which is another blogger I follow did a post several weeks ago about this & she said this changed her life .. well, I believe her because it has changed mine too. I tried it for a week & by the weekend I didn't have a huge pile of laundry to fold & put away.  It felt amazing so I am now doing a load every day.  For some reason it really makes me feel like I have my life all together :)
3. I love the hustle & bustle.  This time of year just rocks.  I love the crowds, the shopping, the running from house to house for the holidays to make sure we get family time in everywhere.
There you have it ... three things each about us!
I hope y'all had a great weekend!!

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