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Life Lately.

by - Thursday, November 19, 2015

Life around here lately has been pretty chill ... & I love it that way :)

Almost every day these two ask if they can go sit on the front porch.  I'm not sure what they like so much about it but, it's their place.  I love listening to them have little conversations while they sit there.
Cooper didn't have school last Friday so we decided staying up past bedtime on Thursday night & eating cookies was a must.
We watched a movie too :)
We're super excited for Christmas around here.
We started decorating last week & have a few more things to do but, while I was decorating our tree I heard these two giggling, I look over & see them rolling this little wooden train back & forth to each other.  It's the little things!
I love this little fella!
My tiny little dancer with her pony tail & braid.
If you only knew how many times a day I get asked to braid her hair ... this girl loves it :)
After dance last week we met Grammy & Pop for dinner.
I caught these two slow dancing in the living room the other day.
She always wants to go back to work with him every time he comes home for lunch. Be still my heart!

That's been life lately!

Happy Friday Eve!!


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