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Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

by - Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I told you yesterday that Dan & I took Cooper to his first NFL game on Sunday .. it was also mine.  We had such a fun day together just hanging out with our boy :)
Of course I took too many pictures so I'm going to share some with you today!
There's my guys wearing their terrible, horrible, no good Washington Redskins stuff.  They are lucky they're cute!
I mean, little dude even had a blanket.
(Thanks MiMi)

What better way to past the time of waiting in line for an hour than to take pictures :)
We're here & we're so excited!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love, love, LOVE my Dallas Cowboys so Sunday it was either a Panther jersey or a Cowboys one.  Since the Cowboys are the team that everyone loves to hate, I figured I'd wear Panthers ... especially because we were sitting on the Redskins side.  I thought I was good to go until Dan announced to everyone around us that I'm a Cowboys fan.  I've never been booed like that before! Ha!!
I will admit though that I have never, ever, ever cheered for the Redskins but I would've loved to see them win since Coop was there!
He cheered & yelled the whole time!

Look who we ran into ... Uncle Hunter! (Who is also a Cowboys fan if I might add)
That was the game!  I wasn't sure how Coop would take his team losing but at the very end he looked at me & said "it's ok mom, somebody just didn't practice enough." Goodness, I love his little heart!
Happy Tuesday y'all!

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