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Inside Cooper's Room ..

by - Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Happy Wednesday y'all!
Today we are going inside Cooper's room.  Anyone that knows him knows that he is a huge fan of the no good, terrible, horrible Washington Redskins :) So when we were looking to buy a new house he said right away that his room would be Redskins.
Fun little fact : Before we bought our house Cooper always called it the Redskins house because the living room has one red wall.  We had no clue the family that used to live here before us were really Redskin fans.  According to Coop it was just meant to be!
Ok, here we go ...
Welcome to the 'Redskins' room :)
We found this sign when we were on vacation & thought it was perfect.

Love this desk my parents found at an antique mall.
(We are going to hang his TV on the wall)

We finally found the perfect curtains thanks to my mother-in-love.
There you go!
Even though I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan, I have to admit that this is one of my most favorite rooms in the house .. I'll never tell him or Dan that though! :)

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  1. I love his room. It's so calming!...except for the whole Redskins thing... 🙊