VACATION JUNE 2020 : PART TWO - The Perfectly Imperfect Mama


by - Thursday, July 02, 2020

Hey Hey!

First & foremost, THANK YOU for all the birthday messages yesterday!  It was such a wonderful day!

On Tuesday, I shared the first part of our SUMMER VACATION & if you missed it, you can head there to read all about it.

Like I said in that post, the weather was super weird the first two days and the next couple were not any different!
We woke up on day three with it POURING down rain, but, we didn't let that stop us from having all the fun.  

[And Millie Jo looks like me except when she first wakes up … her & Dan have the exact same sleepy eyes.]
Our first stop was gem mining!

It was a huge hit.

And then we found Yogi Bear ... yes, Itty Bitty STILL says "Hey Boo Boo" when you talk about our camping trip!

If ya know, ya know.
Her saying it is ALMOST as cute as her face!!
After gem mining, we went back to the camper to warm up, dry off & eat some lunch.
Gosh, I love them!
After lunch, we headed to the arts & crafts building to tie dye some t-shirts with Grammy.

Yep, you guessed it … it was stilllll raining.
The shirts turned out so cute though!!

Then, it was time for a game of putt-putt!
After we played putt-putt, these crazies talked Dan & I into going to the pool ... where they PLAYED in the freezing cold water.  They were back & forth the whole time between the waterpark & the hot tub!
The "hot" tub was actually perfect for this girl because it felt more like bath water & she LOVED it!

We both left an hour later saying how much we were so glad that they talked us into going to the pool because it really was so much fun to swim … even in the rain!

After swimming, we went back to the camper & grilled steaks for dinner … & I'll just let that word speak for itself because they were AMAZING!
Later on, Grammy & Pop watched Ellie Joy while Dan & I took Cooper & Millie Jo back to the pond to fish until dark.  They both would have spent all of their time around it if they could have!

And that was day 3!

Tomorrow wraps up our vacation so make sure you come back!

Have a good day, friends!

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