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by - Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Hey Hey, Tuesday!

I hope y'all had such a fun & safe 4th of July!  We spent our weekend camping at the beach with friends & had so much fun … minus a few bumps in the road!
We headed down Thursday afternoon after Dan got home from work & by the time we made it to the beach, it was dark.  While setting up the camper, on of our jacks broke & the camper went lopsided.  The fun was only just beginning from that point.  HA!  Luckily, we were still able to sleep in it for the night.

Friday morning, we were down at the ocean ready to spend the whole day with friends!  The water was like lake water.  So calm & you could see right through it.  If you know anything about dirty Myrtle, then you know that it's never clear .. but it was this past weekend & we weren't mad about it!
This girl was there for the water, sand & brownies!  She's a fish, y'all.

I took Itty Bitty back to the camper for a nap only to find out that while our air was working, it was just so hot outside that the inside of our camper was NOT cooling down.  Before that, we were outside spraying all the sand off of us & I stepped right into fire ants.  

On top of all that, the five of us were burnt … even with 50+ sunblock & reapplying more times than we could count!
After showering, we went to our friend's camper for dinner …
Games ...
A golf cart ride ...
And lots of marshmallows!

When we got back to our camper, Dan needed my help putting the new jack on the camper & while helping, you guessed it … I stepped in yet another pile of fire ants.  Y'all, it just keeps getting better!  HA!

That night, Ellie Joy was up crying all night.  She ran a low-grade fever and we thought it was probably from her legs being sunburned and too much sun.  With a little bit of Tylenol & whole lot of SPF 100, she (& the rest of us) we were good to go spend the day by the pool.

Which was lots of fun & very refreshing.
After the pool, we grabbed lunch at the grill, played at the arcade & then played on the playground a few minutes.

And then, it just went even more downhill from here.  We get back to the camper, take showers & then go find ice cream .. when we get back, Ellie Joy is burning up & has a 102.5 fever.  Sigh.  Mind you that this was on July 4th & we had big plans to grill out with friends, do sparklers & watch the fireworks over the ocean … but, none of that happened.  Dan & I made the decision to pack up & head home because Itty Bitty would just do much better at home in her own bed.

We were all bummed.

We got home around midnight & crashed.  My girl screamed the entire way home, except the 45 mins she was napping and holding my hand, & even before it got too late, on our way home, we tried finding an urgent care but due to it being the 4th, everywhere had closed early.

We thought for sure she had an ear infection. Sunday morning, Dan took her to urgent care only to find out that her ears looked perfect & her strep was negative … that meant only one more test to be done … the stupid no good Covid test.  We wanted it ruled out.  She's a tough cookie & handled having her brain tickled like a champ.

And now we had to wait 24-48 hours for results.  We prayed over that girl & had many people praying for her. 

She napped all afternoon on Sunday, slept through the night & then slept until 10:15 the next morning.  The rest was so good for her!
But y'all, she was pitiful.

I'm happy to say that we got the call this morning & her Covid test was NEGATIVE!  Praise the Lord!!

She just has a super nasty summer cold & has now shared it with her brother & sister.  But, its not the 'Rona' as Millie Jo calls it & for that, we are so thankful!

So why did I even share this crazy trip with you??  The answer is because it wasn't picture perfect.  I never for a second want any of you to think that we are.  Social media likes to show the pretty.  It's definitely not always rainbows & butterflies over here though.  However, we really try hard as a family to find the joy in all things.  Yes, there was a lot of crappy things … there I said it … that happened over the weekend & it didn't go at all how we had planned it to go, but, there were also some fun memories made.  We must always choose JOY & never take our health & this perfectly imperfect life we have been blessed with for granted!

I hope y'all have the best Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Yep, we've had a few trips like that too; so sorry itty bitty was feeling so poorly but glad it's just a summer cold.