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Hey Hey friends!

I know, I've been a little MIA the past couple of weeks & I'm just going to be completely honest with you.  I have been in such a funk.  This season of life is just so ... BLAH!  North Carolina just announced their plan for the 2020-2021 school year & while I'm excited for the possibility for my babes to get back into the classroom, it's ultimately up to our county to decide whether or not we go with plan B (a combination of in-person/remote learning) OR plan C (remote learning only).  I could go on & on about my feelings, but, I won't.  I know that MANY of you are feeling the same way I am .. ALL the emotions.  After MUCH prayer, I know that all of this is out of our control.  We must continue to keep our faith in God & trust that His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

I am choosing to focus on how blessed I am because of HIM!  I am choosing JOY.  And I am choosing to shine a light in this dark world ... not just any light ... THE Light, Jesus Christ.

With that being said, all of this quality time with family has been so good for my soul.

And speaking of which ...
The Pegram 5 sure have become quite the adventurers in 2020.

Last weekend, we headed up to Asheville, NC to Catawba Falls.  If you don't know anything about the NC mountains, they are known for their beauty!
I mean!!
The mile hike was SO worth it.
And this girl walked the entire way!
Can you spy Dan, Coop & Millie Jo climbing up to see another waterfall behind us!?!

Anything to do with water, Itty Bitty is all for it!
She's also all for silly faces.

I personally think every girl should have a sister!😉
AND an amazing set of parents!

Gosh, we could've stayed there all day playing!!

Again, my sister getting THE best pictures!

SOMEHOW, these two talked me into climbing up a waterfall.  Just kidding, they didn't have to talk me into it at all!  It was SO much fun & beautiful up there!  Like Pocahontas beautiful!
After a couple hours, we started our hike back down the mountain to go find a place for our picnic.

Can I just give a small piece of advice to any new mamas out there ... don't stop living your life just because you have babies.  Take them with you.  It teaches them so much.  It's memories like these that I never want to forget or for them to forget!  Take them with you!
We finally found the perfect little picnic spot at the bottom of the mountain near a creek.
And it even had plenty enough space for a game of tag, too!
My guys. 
 Goodness gracious they are so stinkin' cute!

And that was it!

I won't apologize for the overload of pictures ... I just couldn't pick only a few!!

I hope y'all have such a fun weekend!  Let's let the light of Jesus shine through us!

Today, I am linking up with ANDREA & ERIKA for Friday Favorites!  Thank you girls for hosting!

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