VACATION JUNE 2020 : PART THREE - The Perfectly Imperfect Mama


by - Friday, July 03, 2020

Happy Friday, friends!!

Isn't it crazy that tomorrow is the 4th of July!?!  What an insane first half of the year!

Yesterday, I shared PART TWO of our vacation & today, I'm wrapping things up with our last day!

If you missed PART ONE, you can read it HERE!
One of the many things we love about camping is that they always have so many activities for kiddos!
Earlier in the week, they were each given a rock & paint to paint back at our campsite … you know, practicing social distancing.
So on our last morning, they painted them while Dan cooked breakfast!  And they turned out so cute!  Now we think we should paint a rock from every campground, write their names, the name of the campground, & the year on it.  How fun would those be to have as a keepsake!?!
After getting our bellies full, being the adventurers that we are ...
We decided to all go hike a trail up to a waterfall.
Or at least we hear there was a waterfall ...

This was about midway up & she had walked all she could walk.  We literally walked for MILES!

We were getting ready to turn around when we said okay, just a few minutes more .. if we don't find it, we are turning around … & look what we found in just those few minutes …
The "waterfall."

But really.
Yep, that was it.  HA!
But by golly we were all taking a picture in front of it because we worked hard for that "waterfall."

About 5 minutes into our hike back down the mountain, Itty Bitty fell asleep.  I can't say that I blame her either!  Dan & I took turns carrying her & if you want to know how exhausting it is to tote a 30lb two year old down a mountain, just ask us.

We're choosing to see the bright side of things because she could have fell asleep CLIMBING the mountain!

Once we finally made it back to our campers, we got ready & headed straight to the pool to wait on our time slot to swim.  And guess what!?  THE SUN WAS OUT & IT WAS WARM!
We had lunch from the grill by the pool ...

And this girl was the show while we waited for it.  Her & her sass makes us all laugh!
We were just so excited to see the sunshine!!

And while those two hours of sun were nice, it wasn't long & it was pouring AGAIN!

We headed back to the camper to change clothes & while Cooper & Millie Jo took off on their bikes, Dan & I took Ellie Joy to the playground for a little bit before dinner!

The next day, we were up early packing up in the rain because at this point, why not!?! 😉 And then headed back down the mountain!

Even with all the rain, it was such a fun trip & we can't wait for more camping adventures!

Speaking of, we are camping for the 4th this weekend with friends!  What are your 4th of July plans!?!

I hope y'all have so much fun & stay safe!!

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