VACATION JUNE 2020 : PART ONE - The Perfectly Imperfect Mama


by - Monday, June 29, 2020

Happy Monday, y'all!

I hope your weekend was such a good one!

A few weeks ago, we went camping as one of our summer vacations.  When we had to cancel our original trip, we tried to think of something else we could do that allowed us to practice our social distancing a little more.

So, we headed to Yogi Bear campground!

And it did not disappoint.
We hooked up the camper, loaded up the truck & were on our way!

These three babes couldn't wait!
The weather ended up being SUPER weird just like all of 2020 has been.  65 degrees in JUNE + being in the mountains … it was all new to us!

After setting up the camper, we wasted no time & took off to the pool.

And these crazies were living their best lives in the FREEZING cold water!
But seriously, they did not let it stop them!
They would run back & forth from the pool to the hot tub!

Can we just take a minute & zoom in on Coop's face.  HA!
Just two girls trying to get a picture together at the right angle ...
By the end of our swim time (that's how the campground practiced their social distancing by making you sign up for swim times ... which was fine because it wasn't busy at all either way) the kiddos had talked Pop into going down the waterslides! 
After our pool time was over, we went for a walk around the campground to see what all they had!  At this end, they had a swimming hole, paddle boards, pedal boats, corn hole & a swing.  Had they not told us that the lake was full of snapping turtles, we  Dan & the kids would have went swimming in it.
We spent our first night hanging out at our campers before we called it a day!
The next day, Dan was up early cooking us breakfast.  Fun fact: he LOVES cooking while we are camping!
We spent the day by the lake fishing & y'all, if you don't know, I grew up fishing in the pond behind our house & this girl loves to fish!
I'm also not used to not catching anything but this boy out fished me & caught 4 fish & way too many of said snapping turtles that we just talked about …

Itty Bitty did really well around the lake & you're probably wondering why we didn't have a life jacket on her ... here's the deal, IF we would have put it on her, she would have thought that meant she could go swimming & jumped right in.  It was much better this way with her not wearing one!
And besides, she napped most of the time anyway. 😉
For a girl who has only ever fished when she was about 3 years old, she caught on so fast & can cast a rod like no other.
Y'all, the craziest thing happened.  Cooper & Millie Jo both caught the same fish … both hooks were in it's mouth.  How does that even happen!?

And do not ask me why Cooper has one Croc on & one off …  HA!
We ended day 2 by the bonfire eating dinner & roasting marshmallows!

Again, in the freezing cold!

And that was day 1 & 2!
I'll be sharing more this week, too!

I hope y'all have the best Monday!

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  1. What a fun couple of days! I used to camp at Yogi bear campgrounds with my grandparents.