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by - Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I would say we are officially half way to the weekend but at this point, is there really any difference in the week & weekend!? Hello day 6,489 of quarantine.

This whole situation has made us all slow down a little bit lot and I have honestly loved it so much!  

Here's what we have been up to the last couple of weeks ...
All the board games.

Our current favorites are Clue Jr & Monopoly.  Even though when we play Monopoly, Millie Jo always refuses to pay her taxes or won't pay her rent.  HA!  And then, when I win, they don't even stick around for my acceptance speech of my trophy.  #sorelosers 😉
Forts for dayyyyys!
Breakfast in a fort, lunch in a fort, rest time in a fort.  You name it.
We are very thankful that quarantine has taken place during the spring time instead of the cold winter months because we have been spending ALL of our time outside playing!

Whether it's riding bikes ...
Or painting toes.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE sisters!?!

And cousins that are more like sisters!
Social distancing?  What's that?  These two know nothing of it! 

What a sweet time it has been during this time.  
My prayer is that when life does start back up again, that we can all continue to focus on the most important things in life just like we have been doing for the past almost two months and not on all the "things."

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