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WEEKEND [2019]

by - Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

I'm here to tell you that we survived our first week of school last week.  WOO HOO!  I promise, the back to school post is coming this week!

But for today, let's talk the weekend ...

I hope your long holiday weekend was a good one.  I know ours was!

I don't know about you, but labor day for me is like a big ol' GOODBYE to summer & HELLO to fall!  I'm so excited for ALL the FALL!

We kicked off our weekend pretty low key.  When Dan got off work Friday afternoon, we headed to my in-loves to drop Cooper & Millie Jo off so they could spend the night with them.

The rest of the evening, Dan was doing school work.

On Saturday morning, Dan, Itty Bitty & I headed out to run a few errands.  Just a typical Saturday morning ... 

Or so I thought.

If you know Dan, then you know that he LOVES to do things at the most random times.  We had just pulled into TJ Maxx's & were sitting in the car ... actually checking out a video of the new Disney cruise ship coming soon, HA! .. When Dan looks at me & says "you know I like to do stuff when you aren't expecting it, right?" ... To which I looked at him like he was CRAZY & noticed he had a box in his hand down beside his leg & I say "what are you doing??" And then he says the sweetest words to me that I literally never want my heart to forget & opened the ring box.
Naturally, I said, in tears, "that's not mine .. you're kidding .. that's not real."  
Shocked was an understatment.

And if you're wondering ... it is real.

I've said it once but I'll say it again ... get you a Dan, girls! 😉

And if you're thinking "dang, a parking lot.  That's not romantic." ... You need to read our ENGAGEMENT STORY!

Saturday evening, the girls & I stayed home while Dan & Coop headed to NFL draft night for their fantasy football league.
Sunday morning, we got up early & headed to Steele Creek in Morganton to spend the day with my parents playing in the creek.  And while there, I posted this picture of us & said this ...

 "Ten years ago, when Dan & I danced our first dance as husband & wife to Brad Paisley's song, "Then," I can remember thinking "how in the world can I love this man even more than I do at this very moment?!"  And THEN, I saw him become a daddy to a little boy, then a daddy to a little girl, I watched his heart completely shatter when our marriage fell apart, I watched him grieve the loss of his baby girl, I saw him become a daddy to his rainbow baby girl, I watched him being terrified, holding my hand, when the doctors worked to get that same rainbow baby girl breathing on her own moments after she was born, I saw him walk away from a job of twelve years, not knowing God's next plan but having the faith that He would provide, I watched God put him in a Christian ministry that he absolutely loves, & THEN, I had a front row seat in watching God heal his broken heart from all the pain & heartache that he had endured from said marriage struggles!  I just thought I loved him then!!  Oh my heart!  As much as I loved him on April 25, 2009, it doesn't even begin to compare to the love I have for this man today.  

To many, it's a symbol of love but to us, it's that & so much more.  A symbol of love, grace, forgiveness, & God's beautiful restoration.  My sweet Dan, thank you for fighting for our marriage!"
Which brings me to this picture.
Just kidding but while hanging out at the campground on Sunday, this crazy man laid down on the ground like this to have his picture made.
It's fine that we are so weird.
It's FINE, y'all!

We had so much fun spending the day with Grammy & Pop & playing in the creek all day!  And we can't forget getting to eat Pop's burgers for dinner before we went home!

On Monday, Dan was off work which was new to us! And Millie Jo spent the afternoon swimming with her little besties while the rest of us grabbed lunch.
When Logan's Roadhouse cinnamon butter is LIFE!

But let's just talk about those blue eyes.  MY HEART!
After we picked Millie Jo up, we headed home but not without grabbing a snow cone first!

And did I REALLY get a picture of ALL three of them smiling!?!

Millie Jo snapped these two pictures that night ...

And I love them!

This is our bedtime routine every night.  What you can't hear are prayers being said & 'You Are My Sunshine' being sung.
Little girl, big bed.

I couldn't think of a better way to end our busy weekend!

We're halfway through the week, y'all!

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  1. Love reading your blog!!
    Just read your engagement post that you referred back to and your and Dan's dating story sounds so like my husband, Todd's and mine. We, too, were high school sweet hearts (we started dating in the 10th grade), and we too had drama and a break up or three. lol Immaturity was part of our problem I'm sure, but I was the real reason for our drama...I didn't have the most stable home life and it caused me to have real trust issues. Thank God He delivered me from all that as soon as we were engaged (I guess I just needed the commitment) and gave me the most amazing man to be my husband and the father to our two girls. Our life has had highs and lows, but way more highs than lows (all because of God) and it has been most blessed. I have the perfect (for me) husband and am a wife most blessed!

    1. A break up or three ... haha!! Girl, we can all laugh about it now!