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Happy Friday!!

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And as promised, I'm sharing all things back to school.

As I was getting this post together, I realized that I never even shared our 'end of school' pictures with you!  Ah!  So I'm going to share those first & then our 'back to school' ones!

The day before school was out, Cooper & Millie Jo had awards day/kindergarten graduation.  They both received the Citizenship award for their class & Dan & I couldn't have been more proud of them!  Not even going to lie, we totally gave each other a high five because citizenship award is a big deal! 

These boys.
They are so much fun!
And Mimi was even able to be there.
Our sweet little kindergarten grad!
Her teachers gave out individual awards & she was awarded the Honey Bee award for being so stinkin' sweet & also the Future Miss Runway Model award for being dressed to a T every day!  HA!

The next day, these two were ready for the last day of school!!
And mama was too because #noalarmclock.
We survived the third grade.
Goodness gracious, third is hard but this boy, he never gave up!  He fought to meet his reading goal until the very end so when he finally reached it, we made a VERY big deal about it.  SO SO proud!

Girlfriend rocked kindergarten.
I have never met anyone who loves school [or homework] as much as her!
I picked these three up after school & we headed to celebrate with ice cream!
Her smile in this picture is my favorite!

And here we were last week ...
These two headed back to school last Monday & none of us were ready.  We love summer time & not having a schedule!
Fourth grade!  
How is that even possible!?!
The very same day he started fourth, was the same day he started kindergarten a few years back.

Y'all just look at this ...
Oh my heart.

Oh my heart.

I can't.

Tiiiiiime!  You're killing me.
Remember in one of my post last week when I said Millie Jo was over the ruffles?  Well, I took her shopping for a first day of school outfit & this is what she picked out.  And I LOVE it!  She was so excited about it!
Cooper was done after one picture but not her.
She had to show off her new BOOK BAG!
Class of 2031.
I can't even think about it.  I know it seems like a long time away, but it will be here before I know it!

My prayer is that my kiddos [& yours too] have a wonderful & safe school year.  I pray that they are kind, respectful & good listeners.  But more than that, I pray that they know without a doubt how loved they are & WHOSE they are!

Have the best weekend, friends!

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