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by - Thursday, September 12, 2019


Woo hoo!  Doing my happy dance over here.  We are almost to the weekend!

If you saw MY POST YESTERDAY then you know why I'm doing our 10 ON THE 10TH link up today instead of on the 10th.  Again, I apologize!  I wish I had a good excuse but I GOT NOTHING!

The month of September we are sharing TEN of our favorite Bible verses!  I love this topic!  And while it was easy for me to pick ten, my list could have easily kept going.

Here are my top ten ...
This one is a family favorite of ours.
Cooper is my little worrier & a couple years ago I taught him this verse.  Now Millie Jo knows it & I love that they know to turn to scripture when they are feeling afraid of something!
What a sweet, sweet assurance.
Oh, how He loves us.
Even in our darkest.
This verse was one that Dan & I reminded each other of A LOT when our marriage was broken.
This one is often tough to do.  It's so easy to give thanks when things are going our way but we also must give thanks to God when things are not going how we want them to.  Whether you're struggling with infertility, martial issues, relationship issues, health, etc, stop what you're doing & thank Him.  Whatever you are going through is all part of His plan for your life.  Let God be God!
We can make all the plans we want, but the Lord's plan will prevail .. every single time.
I LOVE the book of Esther!  I did a Bible study on it a few years ago & ladies, it was GOOD!!  If you have never read the book of Esther, you need to!
When I struggled to get pregnant again after I had Cooper, this verse was one I was reminded of often.  In HIS time ... not mine.
How incredible that while we can only see the right now of our lives, God can see it all!  That pain you're going through right now, He is going to use it for His glory & His glory alone & turn it into something beautiful!
Oh, this verse.
After losing RUTHIE BELLE in 2016, you could find me clinging to this verse.  My heart was absolutely shattered.  I am so, so thankful that He is also a God of healing!

And last but certainly not least ...
I feel like this verse is probably on everyone's list & I think that's amazing!  I have always loved it!  Every time I see it, I think back to when I was DELIVERING COOPER.  I was 20 years old & had no idea how he was coming out.  I mean, I knew but you know ... first baby & I was so young.  I began pushing & was just terrified.  Dan was on one side & my mom on the other.  I remember my mom whispering "be still & know" & it is something I will never forget!

There you have it!
Ten of my favorite Bible verses!

I can't wait to read yours so if you blogged, grab my graphic & link up below.

And don't forget to join in next time!  Here is a look at our upcoming topics ...
It is crazy to me that we only have three months left of 2019!!

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  1. Really like the way you did your verses so that they can be pinnable!! Wish I'd thunk of that! Love the first one you shared. I found God when I was going through a time where I finally realized I couldn't live life without Him.

    Will you continue 10 on the 10th next year? Hope so!!