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by - Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Happy Tuesday!

As promised, just a little bit later in the day than I'd like, today, I am sharing more of our summer with you!

YESTERDAY I shared lots & today is no different!  But I am wrapping it up because as good as our summer was, I need some FALL in my life!

I won't say much on most of these pictures because most of them speak for themselves.

But here we go! 

These two LOVE a water table!

Many nights, we would walk to the park down the street from our rental house.  Such a fun little park!

One evening, our whole family met up & went to see Aladdin!

We walked to the local ice cream shop!

We did press on nails.
And now, I'd like to take this time & apologize to my mama for all those times I made her repress those dern things on when I was a little girl.

We celebrated my cousin graduating high school!

We celebrated Father's Day ...
With Dan ...
And Pop!

I had dinner with these two one night.
This girl pulled two teeth.

Fun ... or gross .. fact :  She loves pulling them!

We spent lots of days at Carowinds!

Had fun dates!

Built Legos.
Celebrated our nieces birthday!
Went to not one but TWO Vacation Bible Schools.

Itty Bitty was there for the ice cream.
And many evenings were spent like this!


As I mentioned earlier in this post ... 78 pictures ago ... we are now ready for FALL!  North Carolina has been getting a little bit of a tease of it with the weather but trust me ... I've been here for 30 years & September will be just as hot as July! 😉

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Come on, fall!!! But what a fabulous summer you guys enjoyed. And what darling babies you have. It is still red hot here, 103* today. I am anxious to get my fall decor out but seems silly when it is still so summery.
    P.S. You have great eyebrows!!

    1. It was a wonderful summer, for sure! Thank you, they are rotten!! My eyebrows?? Really!? Would you believe I am so insecure about them!?? I've never had them professionally waxed or micro bladed but would really love too! LOL! You're sweet!