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by - Monday, August 26, 2019


HEY HEY HEY, y'all!

Goodness gracious, it has been a minute since I've posted a blog post BUT, I am here today & I only have 352 pictures to share with you. 😉

Both Cooper & Millie Jo went back to school today & I'm already wishing it was still summer.  Sigh.  Cooper started the 4th grade & Millie Jo started the 1st.

Somebody tell me how the heck that happened!?!  The fact that Coop only has one more year after this of elementary school is NOT okay with me.

But I'll share their back to school pictures this week .. for now, let's talk about our summer for a minute.

Gosh, it was GOOD.  Simple .. but GOOD!

And now, things for us are about to get crrrrazy.

First of all, my hubby is going back to school!  Eeeeek!  I am over the moon excited for him.  He started last Monday & it may take some getting used to, but the man worked 2nd shift for 2 years with two littles at home.  WE GOT THIS!

Cooper is playing kid pitch this year.  I ain't ready.  It literally tears my nerves up.  At his first practice last week, he got nailed in the elbow with the ball.  Jesus, take the wheel.  TAKE IT!  Anyone want to guess how hard it was for me NOT to run out on that field!?!  I know, I know, that's how he learns but GAH!!

Millie Jo is starting gymnastics this year & is so excited.  We took a whole year off of sports this past year & it was SO good for us.  Y'all, it's okay to take a step back & REST!

And on top of school, baseball & gymnastics, Dan & I are teaching a class at church on Wednesday nights.  We can't wait!

Okay, back to today's blog post.  Since I was a complete slacker enjoying every single minute with my kiddos this summer instead of blogging, I have TONS of pictures for you.
We spent one day at the car dealership getting my seat fixed.
And Itty Bitty was not liking the fact that she was locked in that room!
But she was totally fine when we got to lunch.
Mama's listen to me.  There will be a time in your little girl's life when she is all about her daddy.  I always thought Millie Jo would be a mama's girl forever but I'm here to tell you, she is loving her daddy!

Easy Dan, I'm the one she still likes to snuggle with.
But honestly, Itty Bitty & I don't blame her.
During the summer, we have no routine so you nap where you can!
One evening, Cooper & I went out to dinner together.
I love one-on-one time with each of them!

And after dinner, we headed to putt-putt.
He is just so much fun!!

One of the many perks of Dan's new job is that he works with my mom!  So when we go visit him, we get to see her!!
We actually spent a lot of our summer volunteering there, too!
The boy has such a servants heart!
I can't even begin to count how many forts were built in the living room over the past couple months.
Or how many movies were watched.

I'm telling you, we love the simple kind of days!

Tell me these aren't the days!
And don't we all wish we could sit & eat like this!?! 
This girl.
She has officially decided that ruffles are no longer her thing.
Someone hand me a tissue.
BUT, the girl has such great style even without the ruffles!  You may see her wearing them from time to time but it's only because I've already bought them & she's going to wear them! HA!

My sister-in-love made this onesie & I'm obsessed!
Every single day, Dan sings "Itty Bitty, you're so pretty" to her!
My heart.

This was the day Itty Bitty ended up AT THE ER in Charlotte with the croup.  But we did go looking cute as a button!
 Millie Jo loves many things but she REALLY loves her friends!
She was so excited to have  a play date with one of her besties this summer.  A movie, makeover & friend ... just a few of her favorite things!

 Many of our summer days included water.  Whether it was the pool or water park because it was just so dang hot!
One night, Millie Jo stayed with my brother & sister-in-love & they did makeovers. Have I ever mentioned how much she loves a makeover!?! 😉
But seriously, I'm going to need her to stop looking 16!!
 We can't forget about it being this sweet boy's first summer.
I LOVE him!!
And can we just talk about how tall this girl is getting.  I mean, she still only weighs 21 lbs & just last week finally moved up to a size 4 diaper ... BUT those little legs!!

Okay friends!

That is all I have time for today.  If you made it this far, you're a rock star!

I'll have more for you tomorrow!

If you need me, I'll be in pick up line.

I hope y'all have such a great Monday!

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