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by - Friday, August 09, 2019

Happy Friday, friends!
Today is my 10 ON THE 10TH LINK UP & we're sharing ten ways to be a good friend!

If I'm being completely honest, had this topic been brought up a few years ago, I would have ignored it & just not blogged that day.  I would have just skipped it.

And even more truth, I was the last person who needed to write a blog post on how to be a good friend.  Had it been a post on how NOT to be a good friend ... now that was one I could've wrote about for days.

Because confession ...

There was a time in my life where I was a terrible, horrible, no good friend & that is something I never want to be again. 
I love this so much!

I've grown a lot over the past five years.  If I hadn't, there would be no way I could or would even attempt to write this post.

So, HERE WE GO ...

Ten ways to be a good friend!

Whether you talk daily or go weeks, sometimes years without talking, pray for them.

You never know what someone may be going through.  Even the friends you see often .. you just never know.  They could be fighting a battle that you have no idea about.

Oh, & check on your friends with toddlers that are into every single thing because we are not okay.  HA!!

Plan a girl's night out or even a double date!  Dan & I love going on double dates with our friends .. we actually just went last Friday night & laughed so much.  

But I do love the occasional girls night, too.  So good for the soul!

Life happens.

You make plans & then a child gets sick.  Or maybe you're just exhausted.

Ask any of my friends ... I have had to say that word more often than none.  And guess what?  It's okay.  It's not because I don't want to, it's just that my little family comes first, as should theirs.  Does it mean I don't love my buddies?  Not at all.  

Dan & I have had to say no many, many times over the past few years to friends because our marriage was healing & our main focus was God, each other & then our children.  As it should be.

Please understand that.

This one goes with number four.

Chances are the friend who you feel like is always saying no, doesn't want that to always be the answer.

Love them through it & show grace.

Maybe you're the full on extrovert.  You know that friend that snorts when they laugh or just has the loud laugh in general.

Or maybe you're an introvert.  The friend who is quiet & shy.

It doesn't matter, JUST BE YOU.

A true friend will love you no matter what!  Trust me, we all have our quirks & flaws.

Anytime I have a friend on my heart, I text them.  I feel like if God laid it on my heart, I better do it.  A simple text message could turn their day completely around!  Be that person.

I know, I know .. we're female.  There will be times when we just want to vent.  Let them.  And while we can be that friend, we also need to be the friend who encourages them NOT to vent to you about their hubby.  And same goes for you.  I can't say it enough ... don't go to your girlfriends sharing all the negative things about your man. Even when he is driving you crazy.  If you feel comfortable sharing the issue, fine, but don't throw him under the bus.

Which brings me to this one ...


Yes, yes & YES!  There may come a time when your friends marriage may struggle.  Root for them.  Be an example in your own marriage.  Let them know that you are there for them & cheering them on big time.  The world wants divorce to just be a thing people do but the Bible says differently.  Stand alongside of them & let them know that you are fighting for their marriage as well!

If your girlfriends want to go out to dinner ... Keto or not, eat the carbs with her.  Eat the chips & queso with her.  Eat the taco with her.  Eat the dessert with her.

Carbs ... they ain't good for the hips but when you're eating them & laughing with your besties ... WHO CARES! 😉

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  1. Great tips! I had a very hard time coming up with my 10 tips and I was trying to decide it that's because I'm a bad friend or just not good at picking great friends! LOL.

  2. Such a great list! Praying for friends is the most beneficial thing to do!