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Mother's Day 2018

by - Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Yesterday I shared our Mother's Day weekend with you & today I am sharing ALL the pictures we took because I'm not even going to lie, anytime we are all together I make everyone take 3,453 pictures.


I posted this picture on Sunday ...
"Two years ago, on Mother’s Day, I got up & went to church even though I didn’t really feel like it. Cooper & Millie Jo still needed me & they still needed to see their mama smile even if my heart was broken. I didn’t know why my sweet Ruthie Belle had been taken from me but God did. I have stared at my kiddos all day today & thanked Him for allowing me to be their mama. He has entrusted me to raise these babies to be like Him. He is so good. I am so glad He knew even on that sad Mother’s Day for me in 2016 that Mother’s Day 2018, my heart would be filled with so much JOY!"
My sweet mama!
The one who taught me to be the mama I am to my babies.  I couldn't & wouldn't want to do life without her!

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