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Up, Up & Away ..

by - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Saturday Dan & I loaded up the kiddos & headed to the Hot Air Balloon Festival with my parents, my sister, her boyfriend, my brother & his fiancé.  We got there early & we were there until dark.  It was so much fun! I had no idea that this festival has been around for years & I just heard about it this year.  Crazy!!

My sweet babes before we left.
(how cute are Millie Jo's pants!? My mother-in-love made them for her)
Love this man ... & that little photobomber :)
Oh Nelly & our selfies.
No one in the world like this woman!
Love my mama!
The hot air balloon behind us was tethered & they were offering rides .. well, until the wind got so bad & they had to quit.  Yikes!
I mean, who can say that they've been IN a hot air balloon!? I don't mean just the basket ... I mean the actual balloon part.  We can, we can!!  Pretty cool! They had lots of beach balls in there for the kids to play with too.
These two & their bubble machines :)
Always twirling!
We walked around a lot, ate a lot & played a lot. 
They had tons of different bouncy houses for the kids & they loved it!
They had so much fun!

... & so did we!
The lines for everything were SO LONG!
Here we are waiting, waiting, waiting in line getting dinner for everyone.
2 hours later we all had food & were happy. 
When it started getting dark they did a glow show with all the balloons.
It was really neat!
Oh my heart, she loves her daddy!

We didn't even get out of the parking lot & they were fast asleep!
We had such a good time!
The day was long & exhausting but lots of fun!
Happy Wednesday!

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