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Life Lately.

by - Thursday, October 15, 2015

Not only is it Friday Eve but today Cooper only goes to school half a day & is out tomorrow! <insert me doing my happy dance here> :)

Here's what life has looked like around here lately ...

How we Thursday night.

This boy loves being outside & loves to play golf!

& this sweet girl loves to twirl :)
 Sunday night we let the kiddos watch TV in our bed ...
It wasn't 10 minutes & this was the result.
They were exhausted from our busy weekend!
After 2 long weeks of both kids having the croup, when your hubby comes home from work & tells you that he's got the kids .... you don't ask questions! You just get out of the door as fast as you can without the kiddos seeing you! I treated myself to a manicure, Starbucks & a very slow walk around Target .. ALONE :) Thanks babe!

What better way to celebrate an engagement than with Chinese food!?!
One of many of our pick-up line selfies.
This girl loves taking pictures!
We had dinner outside last night & then played cornhole!
I love these 2!

That's what we've been up to lately!

Happy Thursday y'all!


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