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12 Years Down ... Forever To Go

by - Wednesday, October 14, 2015

If someone would've told me when I was 14 that the 16 year old boy that was getting ready to ask me to be his girlfriend was going to one day be my husband,  I would've told them that they were crazy.  Don't get me wrong, I liked Daniel a lot but I was so young ... a husband was the last thing I was looking for. 

It's been 12 years today that Daniel & I have been together.  It hasn't always been sunshine & rainbows through the years ... in fact there has been lots of rain, storms & hurricanes.  I'm thankful for every year but especially this year.  Year 11 was hard ... hands down the hardest this far so to see year 12 is huge to me. 

If I could say anything to my 14 year old self it would go something like this ...

You're going to meet one of the biggest blessings in your life.  His name is Daniel Pegram & God has made him just for you.  Whitney, don't let him go.  There's not many like him .. he is so special & he will one day be YOUR husband and the father of YOUR children.  Even though he is only 16, since the very first time he laid eyes on you he knew that you were the one for him & he will never be ashamed to tell anyone that.  Whitney, don't take him for granted.  This man will always fight for you.  Fight for him ... not with him.  Remind him daily that you love him with all your heart.  Don't ever compare your relationship or marriage to others.  A relationship and marriage are never going to be perfect and that's ok .. they weren't made to be.  Keep God first ... things won't always be easy but building your marriage around Jesus, He will get you through anything.  Respect him .. often times it will be hard because the female in you will like to have control.  Support him.  Encourage him.  One day you will have children & with God's guidance, Daniel will come to you & tell you that it's ok to quit your job so you can stay home with your children.  Thank him for that often.  Times are going to be hard and there will be times when you feel like giving up, don't.  Anything that gets thrown your way, go at it head on .. together.  Your family has always loved Dan & they always will.  He will make a great daddy one day & your kiddos will think he hung the moon.  Pray for him .. every single day .. & pray that God lets you fall in love with him over & over & over again.  Love him, Whitney.  Through the good, the bad & the ugly ... love him always.  Time goes by so fast so enjoy it.  Not many people get to meet the person God made for them so early in life, but you do .. thank God for that.

Then to now ...

I've shared this before but I felt it was only appropriate to share it again today :)
Our very first picture together.
The day I graduated college.
Our engagement picture.
Our wedding day.
Our honeymoon in Cabo.
Surprise ... we're having a baby boy! :)
Back when there was just 3 of us.
We're pregnant again & it's a girl!
Our first family pictures as the Pegram 4 :)

The past 12 years have been wonderful, fun & filled with lots of laughter but also very hard, imperfect, & challenging at times.  I want you to know that I'm very thankful for you though I haven't always shown you that.  I personally think you're an amazing man.  I pray that Coop grows up to be just like you & Millie Jo marries a man just like you.  Thank you for fighting for me, praying for me & loving me when I was so undeserving of your love.  I pray we have many, many, many more years together.
I love you!

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