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Disney on Ice

by - Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Dan & I decided last month that we would surprise the kiddos & take them to two special places each this fall.  Millie Jo's was Beauty and the Beast & then this weekend my mom & I took her to Disney on Ice.  Coop's surprises are next month but since he wasn't feeling well he came along with us.  It was the 100 years of magic celebration so ALL the Disney characters were there. It was sooo much fun!
Of course my girl wore her Elsa dress & even took her Elsa doll :)

The Queen herself!
The cold never bothered her anyway ;)
Coop loved the show too!


We started going to Disney on Ice when Cooper was 9 months old .. even though he doesn't remember it we have the memories of it :)  5 years of going & this was the best show I've seen.  They did something with almost all the Disney movies & it was just so cool!  Seeing Millie Jo's face when Frozen started is something I will always remember.  She LOVED it!!
Happy Tuesday!

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