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Weekend Fun ..

by - Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy 'back-to-school' Monday y'all!
Lucky for us, Cooper's first day isn't until Wednesday so we have a couple more days of summer to enjoy!
We had a pretty relaxing weekend!
Friday we took Coop to get his hair cut & while waiting on him Miss Priss wanted her picture made in the chair!
After his hair cut we went to visit Daniel's grandpa .. We call him "Paw-Paw the Great".. he used to be a photographer so you'll always see him with a camera in hand :)
Saturday morning we took off to Home Depot so Dan could get a few things for a project he is working on. (I will post pictures when he gets finished with it because it is super cool)
Saturday night we had everyone over to our house for game night since it was Hunter's (my brother) birthday. Love my family oh so much!
It's such a big week for my sweet Coop .. not only does he go to kindergarten but he also moved up from the preschool department at church to the kid's department.  I need time to slow down a little bit!

Sunday after church we had lunch at Dan's parents house & then our kiddos stayed the night with them.  We were all smiles after that yummy meal we had just ate! :)
That was our weekend!
I hope y'all had a fun weekend too!!

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