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Tweetsie Railroad

by - Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Thursday!
Last month life got pretty crazy & we needed to get the heck away from here for a little while Daniel & I decided to load our kiddos up & go to the mountains.  On our way up there we came up with the idea of surprising them by going to Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC .. If you've never been before...GO! Your kiddos will LOVE it! :) Dan & I haven't been since we were kids & I had forgotten how much fun it was .. I think it was even more fun to see Cooper & Millie Jo enjoy it so much.
The town of Tweetsie.

Cowboys ride the train with you & then halfway through the train ride around the mountain they get off to do a show & go find the Indians :)

The kiddos loved the show!
After the train ride we took the chair lift up the mountain to find some rides & let me just tell you, I do not remember it being that high up or that long of a ride. This mama was freaking out a little!

When we FINALLY made it to the top we rode some rides...this particular one made us laugh...A LOT! Cooper was driving Dan & Millie Jo drove me .. luckily they have a few more years before they drive because we had whiplash after this one! :)

More rides ..

The Tweetsie Jail


We had such a fun day with this little cowgirl & cowboy :)
Before we started home we went to the shops right inside Blowing Rock & had dinner at a cute little cheeseburger place :)
And that was our Tweetsie trip.
Tomorrow I'm talking about Cooper's kindergarten orientation .. somebody hold me!!

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