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Vacation :: Day 1

by - Friday, August 14, 2015

This week we have been on vacation & it has been so nice spending time with just my hubby & kiddos! We are definitely soaking up the last couple weeks of summer before Cooper starts school & we are loving every minute!
This view never gets old.
These 2 were asleep when we got down here so when they woke up they couldn't wait to get down to the ocean!
I don't know whose idea it was to put a huge mirror in this living room but whoever you are, thank you!! It's like it was made just for us!
I laughed when I took this picture & said to Dan "you know times have changed when...." ;)

We had the best time building sand castles, jumping waves & running around like crazy people! .. Coop got the boogie board thing down, too!
Water & sunshine sure makes you hungry :)
Love my girl!
Ready to go to dinner 
 My guys!
Pizza for dinner
Just two girls who love pizza :)

After dinner we headed to play putt putt.
Of course we had to go down to Ocean Drive for ice cream!
To end our night we went to the pier for karaoke & dancing ..let me tell you, Millie Jo danced the night away & did karaoke.  She's a little performer for sure :) .. & we even saw 2 sharks swimming in the ocean...yes, the same ocean we have been playing in! Oh my heart!
Loved getting to see my girlfriends last night & letting our kiddos play.  We even went to dinner & a show together tonight too!
That's day 1.  So, so, SO much fun!


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  1. Glad you guys have been having fun!

    PS - I told you stay out of the water!
    _____^_____\o/___ ☺️