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by - Friday, January 15, 2021

What a sweet day it is ...
This beautiful girl of mine is EIGHT!!

This time eight years ago, I was at the hospital awaiting the arrival of my first GIRL!  I have shared HER BIRTH STORY before & if you haven't read it, you should!  My epidural didn't take with her & she was almost 9lbs!

A few weeks ago, I took her shopping to pick out a dress, tiara, & shoes.  Then last night, we took her to the city to take her birthday pictures!  And she loved every minute of it!

Millie Jo's laughter is always so contagious.  Since she was days old, my mom has always called her "Queen."  And most always, I call her Queenie Queen.  So it only made perfect sense to have Queen's pictures made in the Queen City. 😉  We took some pictures at the park & then headed to the Confetti Heart Wall.  I couldn't pick only a few so I'm just going to share them all ... it is her day after all!

My sweet Millie Jo,
You made me a girl mama.  I can't believe how fast these past eight years have went by.  I love seeing the light of Jesus shine through you.  You are always so thoughtful & the best little/big sister & friend!  I will never grow tired of hearing your bed time prayers each night & my prayer is that you will always keep your child like faith.  I've never met someone who loves to read as much as you do & you are amazing at it.  I hope you never get too old for our "secret" handshake that you made up for us.  And can we just talk about your love of singing?!?  One of my most favorite things is to listen to you sing praise & worship in the car.  I hope year eight brings you your very own bedroom with the writing desk of your dreams.  Never change for anyone, sweet girl.  

Mildred, Jo Jo, Mi-Jo, Queenie, Sister, you are loved so BIG.  Never ever forget that & never forget Whose you are.  Today is your day, girlfriend & I can't wait to celebrate you ALL weekend!

Happy 8th Birthday!
I love you SOOO much!



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