by - Tuesday, January 07, 2020

This year I am going to start a new diet.  I am finally going to get married.  I am going to lose this weight I've been carrying around since .. errr a couple years now.  I am going to start exercising daily.  I am going to cut out soft drinks.  I am going to finally start making money doing what I love.  I am going to write that book.  I am going to make all these promises to myself so I can finally be happy.
Sound familiar???
With a new year comes new goals .. new resolutions .. new commitments.  I know, trust me.  I get it!  It's the start of a new year & not only a new year, a brand spanking new decade.  It's time to get fit.  It's time to be more present.  It's time to start eating healthy.
I mean, doing all these things will make us happy ... right??
Sure, losing weight would be great and yes, finding your soul mate would be wonderful.  Heck yea, finally writing that book would be amazing.  BUT, are those things really going to make us happy?  Truly happy forever?
Do I think it's important to take care of yourself?  Absolutely.  Do I think it's important to go after your dreams?  Of course.  Do I think marriage is incredible & such a blessing?  Yes a million times. 
But none of these things will bring you the happiness you so desperately long for.  We have all been guilty of searching for worldly things because we just know that's what we need to be happy.  But friend, I'm here to tell you that those things will only cause temporary happiness.  The true happiness you are searching for comes from the Lord.  Are you looking for a great book to read this year on how to find true happiness??  From a friend to a friend, I recommend the Bible.  It is the greatest story of all time!
For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.
Habakkuk 2:14
Our purpose in life is to glorify Him.
There is no amount of money ... no amount of weight loss ... no relationship ... that is going to make you or myself as happy as knowing Jesus Christ.  That is what is most important.  And when you have that personal relationship with Him, you won't need the worldly/material things in life to make you happy.

SO, where are you searching for happiness??

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  1. This is SO good! And so much truth! I wish more people would realize that these "worldly" things are temporary, and that our eternal reward (Heaven) is going to be the best to come!

  2. Amen!! Well said. At 61, it has taken me awhile to realize that about happiness but I am happy now!!