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by - Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Happy Tuesday!

Today, I am finally getting around to sharing our Christmas break with you!
This year, Ellie Joy was really into Christmas & was only told "no" 2,646 times for touching the presents and/or Christmas tree.  But dang, she's cute!

We rode through Christmas Town USA one evening.  Seriously, that's what it is called & its the prettiest!
Santa visited Millie Jo's class right before the break!
There was lots of cuddles ... that lasted maybe five minutes before someone got mad because they weren't touching me.  HA! 
Naps were taken because #Christmasbreak.

One evening, Coop & I stayed up late together & built a gingerbread train.  Total fail because it fell apart but we had fun laughing at it!
We spent lots of time in the kitchen baking all the Christmas goodies.
And then baked some more at Grammy's house. 
We made several trips to Sam's for said baking good items.
We were able to go volunteer with Dan some days.  They love to be given a "job."
Many of our days were just spent at home in our pjs all day & we were all totally fine with that!
And I can't tell you how many Christmas movies were watched in a two week period!

New Year's Eve, we partied big time ...
And by big time, I mean we went to eat Mexican ..

Grabbed Sweet Frog for dessert ...
And we were home by 9:00pm, put the babes to bed, then went to bed ourselves.  We are pretty wild!
The weather days before school started back was incredible.  Like SPRING!  Pretty crazy for January but we were lovin' it!

That was a little look into our Christmas break!  And now, I think we are officially caught up on all things Christmas!

Oh, & thank you for the prayers for Millie Jo as she had her tooth pulled today.  Y'all, that girl is so dern brave & amazes me!  She was so calm & didn't even flinch.  I'm pretty sure I was more nervous than she was.  I didn't bother to tell her that when I was her age, I had to have a tooth pulled & literally got sick all over the dentist. Ooops!

Anyways, I hope y'all have the best day!

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