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by - Monday, January 20, 2020

Hey Hey Monday!

My kiddos are out of school until Wednesday but unfortunately we are heading to the dentist office to have one of Millie Jo's teeth pulled today.  Ahhh, breaks my heart but she is so tough & not even nervous!  Please pray that she heals quickly.

We kicked off our weekend with me at urgent care.  Sigh.  Last Sunday, after lunch, I started having this weird chest pain but it was mostly on my right side so I decided just to keep an eye on it to see if it was just heartburn or indigestion.  Fast forward to Friday & it was still bothering me so I dropped the kiddos off with Dan & headed to the doctor.  After an EKG to determine it was not a heart attack ... it was determined that one of my ribs on the right side had been out of place.  Crazy, right??  I didn't even know that could happen but it did & the doctor who saw me just so happened to also specialize in chiropractic medicine & could actually feel it in my back.  Long story short, he adjusted my back & popped my rib back in place.  I felt instant relief & haven't had any chest discomfort since!! How does one pop a rib out of place, you ask???  Well, I was just as confused as you are UNTIL I was on my way home & remembered that just last week, I was wrestling Cooper ... #boymom ... & thought it was no big deal to lift him up over my head.  Yep.  That'll do it.  HA!!

And now for the fun stuff of our weekend ...
Friday night, Dan & I headed out to celebrate my sweet friend, NATALIE, birthday!  Her hubby pulled it off & she was so surprised!
While we were there, this girl was birthday shopping with my sister!

And Coop & Itty Bitty spent the night with Mimi & Paw-Paw.
Saturday morning, Cooper got to go to work with Paw-Paw & LOVED it!!
Saturday evening, we grabbed dinner & it was then that this girl discovered her jacket has pockets & she now wants to wear her jacket all the time.  I feel you girl, I love outfits with pockets, too!
Sunday morning, I got these pictures from Mimi & y'all, could they not be twins!!  I mean, do they really look three years apart!?!
The fact that Cooper hugged her is HUGE!  HAHA!!  But, she was loving that attention he was giving her ... even if it did only last a second.

And that was our weekend!
Simple but fun & an out of place rib.
I hope your weekend was SO good, friends!

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  1. That is crazy about your rib; but glad it was an easy fix.

  2. Hey Whitney, cute post and pictures about your weekend. Looks like you guys really enjoyed. I couldn’t do much this time as my weekend was mostly about finishing household chores. Hopefully next one will be a bit relaxing.