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by - Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Hey Tuesday, Hey!

I am finally wrapping up all of our Christmas shenanigans!  And it's only January 8th.  HA!  Big families calls for lots of Christmases!

First up ...
 Christmas weekend, my mom's side of the family got together.

Every single one of these people are so special to me!  We are all so close & love so big!  You don't see many families [especially ones this big] that are as close as this one.  I am so blessed to be apart of this one! 💓
My SWEET COUSIN is a Pilates instructor in Indian Trail, NC & she's the best.  So if you're in the area & looking for somewhere to get your fitness on .. she's your girl!
LOVE this cousin of mine!
And this one, too!
Surely there isn't a thing of too much fun in one family!?!

We love us a good break from school & obviously, their Christmas break did not disappoint …
One day we had a Sweet Frog date.
The last day of school before break, Dan & I were able to help with both Cooper & Millie Jo's class parties.  Dan went to Millie Jo's while I went to Coop's.

Would you believe Coop was too busy for a picture!?! 
One evening we had dinner with family.
This is my uncle Mike who found out last year he had lung cancer.  Y'all, he's doing so good!  Please continue to pray for him!
Coop & I went out one morning to get Millie Jo & Ellie Joy a Christmas present while Dan took Millie Jo to get Coop & Itty Bitty one!
Instead of gingerbread houses this year, Fred, our elf, brought the kiddos the nativity & it was so stinkin' cute!
One evening, we went with my parents to see the play "The Real Christmas Story" in Fort Mill, SC.  It was SO good!
It started off with Santa, gifts, etc & then ended with the birth of Jesus & the true meaning.
During intermission, they had milk & cookies the size of our faces!
And before we left, we grabbed a picture with Santa.
One day, during the break, Dan & I made over Millie Jo's bedroom as a birthday surprise [her birthday is NEXT week] & while I decorated it, she went to hang out with Dan & Paw-Paw for the day.
And before Millie Jo went back to school, we, as a family, had to do a snow man project.  Y'all, she had the cutest idea!

Okay, if you read through all 294 posts about our Christmas, you are a rock star!

See you tomorrow, friends!

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  1. That gingerbread nativity is so cool. I can't wait to see Millie Jo's makeover and your Christmas was filled with so much fun!