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by - Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

We are halfway through the week, friends.  Friday is ALMOST here!

I'm home with a sick babe today.  Millie Jo was sent home from school on Monday with a fever, was fine yesterday & woke up this morning with another fever.  No fun!  Please say a prayer for my girl!

I am joining SHAY & ERIKA for their very first "Let's Look ..." link up & today we are sharing our coziest spot in our house!

Mine is hands down this room right here …
 Our living room.
It's the place where at the end of each day, we all sit down together & wind down.
It's THE most coziest date night location …
It's so darn magical at Christmas time …
The couches were made for cuddling ...
The occasional load of laundry ...
And for watching movies!
It's the place where most of our naps are taken ..
 And the wrestling is constant.
The fireplace makes the best stage ..
And the floor makes the best dance floor.
It's where we sit & play board games ..
And have the best little picnics!

Our living room.
It's the spot where we spend the most time as a family in.
It's the heart of our home [along with the dining room].  The floor has seen many .. MANY spills between three kiddos.  The walls have heard many laughs & the pillows on the couches have caught lots of tears.

Though sometimes clean & sometimes messy, it's always cozy.  Not just for the spot that it is, but because of the people who are in it!

Have the best day, y'all!

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