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Halloween Weekend Get-a-way :: Part One

by - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween, friends!!

This past weekend my family, along with my parents, aunt, sister & her boyfriend, went camping in the mountains.  It was SO much fun!! My kiddos just love it & I love watching them play & play outside instead of sitting inside on their iPads. 😉

The campground had so many activities planned for the entire weekend & their theme this year was The Wizard of Oz. 

Here was our campsite ...
Everyone decorated their sites & Saturday evening they had a contest to see whose was the best!

We got to the campground about 8pm on Thursday night ... just in time for a yummy steak dinner that Poppy Pop had cooked for us & time around the campfire!
Cooper has been wanting to tent camp for a while now so Dan took the tent this time & that's where they slept.  Y'all, he LOVED it!!
They are just too stinkin' cute!
Late nights at the campground are for snacking!

On Friday morning we woke up, had breakfast (Pop really spoils us when it comes to eating on these camping trips) & then headed out for a walk around the campground.
This boy loves being outdoors.
And so does she ... just don't make her walk too much. 😉
We couldn't walk past the swings & NOT swing ...
And we found a trail to walk!

It started out in the low 50s that morning but by lunch time it was in the low 70s.  Perfect fall weather!

After our walk, we headed to a fish hatchery near by.  They had several different ponds with catfish & then they also had trout!  I honestly had no idea what a fish hatchery was until we went but hearing how it works was pretty neat.  They get fish, feed them until they grow big enough to catch & then ship them to different places.
I snapped this picture & Millie Jo's exact words were "photobomb"!  HA!
Do you see Table Rock in the background!?  
Such a cool mountain!
See ... girlfriend gets tired of walking.
She kept saying "y'all are just making me walk so much around here."  But I can promise you, if she were at home playing outside or jumping on the trampoline, you'd never hear her complain.
Waiting on the fish feeding to start.
Love, love, love my man!
The kiddos were asked if they wanted to help feed the fish & you know they loved that idea!
Here's Coop feeding the catfish. The number of them in this pond was unbelievable!
And here they are feeding the trout.
Thankful for this crazy crew I get to do life with.

Once we got finished at the hatchery we headed back to the campground for a late lunch & to hang out before time to go up the mountain for ghost stories.

Tomorrow I will pick up where I left off & share the rest of our weekend.

I hope y'all have such a fun & safe Halloween!!


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  1. So fun your camping trips always looks so fun :)!!!! xoxo ERIN

    1. We have the best time!! Never thought I'd be one to like it but here I am loving it! :)