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A Little Bit of This & That :: Let's Play Catch Up!

by - Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Happy Friday, y'all!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sitting here writing this post while listening to Christmas music.  Can't stop, won't stop.

Cooper got out of school early yesterday & was out today so he headed camping with Grammy & Pop for the weekend.

I thought for sure I'd be up for blogging every day a couple weeks ago when I posted our exciting news but I have to be honest ... I haven't felt up to it! 😩  If I'm not nauseous, then I am having to lay down because I have a migraine.  As someone who has suffered from those things for YEARS ... I am just here to tell you that I wouldn't wish one on my worst enemy.  Other than that, this pregnancy is going well & I am over the moon feeling his/her little kicks every day! 
I can't believe it's already time to find out if it's a boy or girl! Eeeek!

I have SO much to catch y'all up on.  I was looking through my phone this week & realized there were still things from the summer that I never shared!  So why not knock it all out in one post!?!

So much has happened over the past few months so without further ado ... grab your coffee! I'm going to try to share in order 😉

This summer, these two took their second year of swim lessons & did amazing!
And while Coop said "no way" to the diving board, this girl LOVED it!  Coop couldn't care less for swimming but Millie Jo is a fish. 
One evening, we met my brother & sister-in-love at a baseball game in our town. 
For my birthday this year, my mother-in-love paid for me to go to a paint party.  I have been wanting to go to one so bad & LOVED it!  And now I need to make one for Christmas!
We had so much fun!
Love my mini!

And speaking of her . . . 
 She got her very first pair of wedges this summer thanks to her Paw-Paw.  She walked around the mall that day like she was hot stuff!

We spent a lot of our summer days at the dollar movies because why not!?!
Love my people so much! 
We also spent a lot of our summer sleeping wherever.
These two spent many nights sleeping in our bed, our floor, the living room or movie room!
And we have no shame about it whatsoever! 😊
My family celebrated birthdays this summer ... [I wouldn't know because I literally was home asleep or throwing up] ... & my sister caught this picture of Millie Jo & my sister-in-love's little brother.  How stinkin' cute!?!

In July, Millie Jo went to see The Little Mermaid show with her Paw-Paw Kevin & loved it so much!

And look who started second grade ...
SECOND y'all!  How did that happen!?!
And you want to talk about "mom guilt"??  This mama had it BAD as I was too sick to even take him.  Oh my heart.
Super thankful for his understanding heart & his amazing daddy!

Someone else who is amazing ...
 My sister.
Millie Jo started her 3rd year of dance this year & 1st year of gymnastics & for the first few weeks, my sister took her every week for me.

At the beginning of September, our community does something called "Walk for Life" & it's something that is so near & dear to my heart.  You can read more about it here.

A few weeks ago, my little cousin had an ice skating competition so us girls went to watch her & cheer her on.  She's pretty incredible!
 This boy.
I just love him!
Him, Dan & I grabbed dinner a couple weekends ago while Millie Jo was camping with Grammy & Poppy Pop & Coop ordered his very first steak all for himself.
A boy after my own heart.
Oh county fair, we love you.
Every year since Dan & I met, we've been to the fair together.  It's so special to us & our little family!
 Tis the season for all those wonderful allergies & germs that like to come around.  Coop stayed home from school one day last week since he wasn't feeling well but luckily after resting up, he was feeling better by the weekend.  Good thing too, because he had a BUSY one ...
 His Paw-Paw & uncle Josh took him to see Appalachian State play football!
And the very next day, he went to the race with Dan, his Paw-Paw Kevin, uncle Josh & uncle JoJo. 
The boy stays busy!!

And finally ...
I have been WAY past due for a hair appointment so this week I made one & got it done!  I'm so used to it being blonde but thought this was a perfect color for fall ... so there's that.

See y'all, SO much catching up to do.  Right!?!

Something else that happened that I obviously did NOT take a picture of because well keep reading & you'll know why ... Cooper's fish, Cam Newton Cousins, died a few months ago.  And I'm pretty sure I was the saddest of us all.  When I told Coop he had died, I asked him if he wanted to bury him in the backyard thinking he'd love that idea since it was his first pet & he said "Mom, no.  You flush fish down the toilet, not bury them."  HA!!

Ok, I think that's all I have for you right now & if you made it through this whole post, you're amazing!

I hope y'all have the best weekend!
I have a l o n g over due date night with my hubby & I can't wait.  We celebrate 14 years together tomorrow! Eeek! What a wild, crazy, fun life we have built & continue to build together!


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  1. Loved catching up on everything :) and heavens I hope our fish lives a bit longer but I tell you what, people are starting to forget to feed him ;) I hope you are feeling better with every passing day! xoxo ERIN

    1. Oh poor Cam Newton Cousins. He lived a year & a half ... thanks to me. I should have mentioned that he died the week we were on vacation and my father-in-love was fish sitting. Ooops! He felt terrible.