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Taco Soup

by - Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hey Hey Thursday!

Y'all I have to tell you ... Dan & I had our anatomy ultrasound this week ... & we may or may not already know if we are having a boy or girl!  Eeeek!  We are the ONLY two that know [besides the ultrasound tech & my doctor] & I have to tell you, the secret is killing everyone in my family.  My poor mama has asked me 3,464 times to tell her!  We had originally planned NOT to find out because we are having a gender reveal Saturday evening but after Dan & I talked, after losing Ruthie Belle last year, this ultrasound was just too important for us to miss.  We longed for that specific appointment last year but never got that far so that's why we went ahead & found out.  A special moment just between the two of us. 💗

After Saturday though, the secret will be out! 😉

Ok, ok, ok ... more on this precious baby later!

Yesterday afternoon, I put all the things in my slow cooker to make taco soup & by dinner time it was SO good.  I get all the happy feels when it's Fall & there is a delicious soup in my slow cooker!

What you'll need ::
(2) Cans corn
(2) Cans black beans
(2) Cans kidney beans (I had already added a can to my slow cooker before I remembered to take a picture)
(1) 28oz Can crushed tomatoes 
(1) Can original diced tomatoes (if you prefer more spice do mild or hot)
(1) Cup chicken broth
(1 lb) Ground beef
(1) Package Ranch salad dressing/seasoning mix
(1) Package taco seasoning 
What to do ::
Add all your ingredients to your slow cooker.  I actually don't add my hamburger meat until about 30 minutes before we are ready to eat.  I brown it & then add it.
This girl loves helping me in the kitchen.
I don't drain anything off of each can only because I think it gives it extra taste.  Plus the cup of chicken broth gives it flavor too!
Stir it all up & let it cook on high for 3-4 hours. 
After I add the hamburger meat, I cut down to low until we are ready to eat.
I have used shredded chicken before too & it was good!
 Top with sour cream, your choice of cheese & enjoy!

This is one of my all time favorites, y'all!!
And what's dinner without a yummy dessert!?!
I wish I could share with you an amazing homemade chocolate chip recipe but these are Tollhouse.😉  But if you have a recipe please share!


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