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Camping Trip :: Part One

by - Thursday, July 20, 2017

Happy Thursday!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that the night of my birthday, we headed to the mountains to go camping with my parents.  I've told you before that I LOVE to camp ... in a camper.  I've never been tent camping & personally never care to but give me a camper & I'm good to go!

We had originally just planned to go up for the night [it's only an hour or so from our house] & come home the next evening because Dan had to go to work Monday morning.  Once we got up there though, Cooper & Millie Jo made a new friend whose family was camping right beside of us so the kids & I decided to stay until Wednesday & even celebrated the Fourth of July there! 😊
 We got to the campground just in time for Millie Jo to help Grammy make the easiest but best dessert!  I'll share the recipe soon!
And it was long after that, these two three crashed! 😉
The camping life is our jam.
 We started our next day off playing Uno while Poppy Pop cooked breakfast.  I can't tell you how many games of Uno this boy & I played within the three days!
I'm pretty sure there is no other breakfast like the one while you're sitting by the creek!

 After breakfast, we went for a walk to find the swimming pool.
 And of course we found the swings!
 Love my girl.
Once we got back from our walk, Dan asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride to rent tubes for the creek.  Something you should know about me ... I haven't rode a dern bike since I was a little girl & even then I probably wasn't good at it but I said yes because he asked me to go ... now either he truly wanted to spend time with me OR he just wanted a good laugh.  There's video of me trying to get across a "bike only" bridge & y'all, I couldn't do it.  And I secretively hope the video gets lost!! HA!!
 We got back & this girl had found her happy place.
We spent our entire day outside & my kiddos loved it.
You know they are having fun when they didn't ask for their iPads one single time while we were there!
 When your Grammy & Pop have the coolest camper set up & make a movie screen. 
By this time, Dan had already left to go home since he had to work the next morning but we all stayed up & watched SING ... along with other kiddos from different camp sites! 
Two very exhausted kiddos ... & life of a big brother! 😉
 The next morning this girl decided she wanted to play a game while we waited for breakfast.
 And afterwards, we headed to the pool for a little bit!
 One of the many things I love about the camping life ... your kiddos make new friends.  These boys ran around together everyday & most of the time Millie Jo was tagging right along.  If they weren't in the creek catching fish, they were playing in inner tubes or finding snakes .. yikes!  Or skipping rocks.
 Camping is for eating Oreos & milk at any given time of the day ...
 And all you can eat s'mores!
After bath time these two & I went outside underneath the canopy while it was pouring down rain & played .. you guessed it .. Uno.
And look who showed back up after a long day at work!
We sat outside & played cards a little longer before it was time for bed.

And that was part one of our camping adventure! 
Tomorrow I will share part two & how we celebrated the Fourth!


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  1. So cute - what a fun place to go camping. We don't have a camper so tent camping it is for us for NOW ;) LOL! Love the movie set-up and I cannot believe you haven't been on a bike in that long - what?! xoxo ERIN

  2. Glad you all had a fun time- I was NOT made for camping! Give me a hotel and room service, and I'm good! :)

  3. That camper setup is AWESOME - so jealous!