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Camping Trip :: Part Two

by - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Last Thursday I left off of our camping adventure where Dan had just got back to the campground after having to leave us to go to work ... boo.

The next morning it was the Fourth of July ...
 And these two started their morning off riding bikes! 😉

And we spent the rest of our day playing in the creek ...
Feeding ducks ...

And fishing ...
 A lot!
And this boy caught his very first bass!

After playing all day long, we showered & headed up to the shelter where they had a dj & dancing!
 But not without pictures first! 😊
This girl danced ...
and danced ...
and danced ...
The night away!
So much so that we had to lose the pigtails & go to a bun because she was a hot sweaty mess!
We ended our night walking back to our campsite & packing up so we could head home the next morning.

I love adventures with my people!

Which leads me to my next order of business 😉 ... I'm going to be taking the next few weeks off from the blogging world.  I can't believe July is almost over & we only have a few weeks left of summer before Coop goes back to school so we are going to enjoy it together!  No worries, I'll still be posting on Instagram & will be back soon with I'm sure LOTS to catch you up on!

I am so thankful for each of you, my sweet readers!


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  1. Enjoy your last few weeks enjoying summer. Love this recap! :) xoxo ERIN

  2. Super fun! Hope you guys have a blast these last few weeks!