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Birthday Fun!

by - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

On July 1st I celebrated 28 years of life.

A fun little fact about me ... I love, I mean LOVE my birthday.  And I always have!  I was the little girl who had a pool party every single year & pretty much every present I got was a pair of shoes!

This year, on my birthday, we had just gotten home from the beach & later that evening we met my dad & my brother for dinner.
Y'all, check out that rainbow!
I have no doubt that was my sweet Ruthie Belle showing up on her mama's birthday.💗

While we were at dinner I get a text from my mom [who was camping] that said "Y'all come up to the campground!"  It didn't matter that we had drove home from the beach through the night before, we were all like YES!! We will be there soon.
We got there late that night just in time to see two of my favorite people on my birthday!

[I have tons of camping pictures to share with y'all & will be doing that tomorrow!]

The birthday fun didn't end there, though!

Between my side of the family & Dan's, we have five July birthdays so the next weekend, we celebrated all of ours poolside. 😎
My hubby may be thirty but that won't stop him from playing!
 And speaking of my hubby.
Oh!  And remember this outfit I shared with you last week!?!
Thankful for my sweet sister/brother-in-love who threw this party for us!
Because we showed up to our own party matching.
July babies!
I also share the month of July with my sister's boyfriend [who may as well be my brother 😉] but they were out of town the weekend we celebrated.

So there's that.
A little birthday fun for your Wednesday!

Y'all make sure you come back tomorrow & read all about our camping trip.


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  1. Hope you had a fun birthday! How sweet to get that little hello from Ruthie!

  2. Our family has a lot of birthdays in July too.
    Happy belated birthday to you. Looks like you had a good one.