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A Letter to my Little Brother & the Love of his Life ...

by - Friday, April 29, 2016

When I think about you I still see you as the little boy I grew up with even though you're almost 25 years old now.  The little boy who use to write songs with me about Jesus while sitting outside under an umbrella in the pouring rain.  The little boy I use to go fishing with, played in the woods with, pretended to be Power Rangers with, rode four-wheelers almost everyday with & faked being sick so we could stay home & play Aladdin on the Nintendo all day instead of going to school.  The little boy who use to get so mad when he lost at a game ... funny enough your nephew is the same way.  The little boy that stepped on the end of a shovel because we wanted to see how high we could get a bouncy ball to go up in the air ... the only problem was that I was still standing there when you stepped on it & you gave me a black eye.  Not one of our finer moments.  We have a lot of wonderful memories together that I will never forget.  Even though I'm only 2 years older than you, I've always felt the need to protect you ... especially when mom & dad divorced.  I couldn't have gotten through that time in our childhood without you or Ashley, so if I've never said it before ... thank you.  We stood by each other's side & were as strong as we could be during that time of our life even though some days were extremely hard.

I can remember being in high school together & how proud I was to call you my little brother even when you were a freshman/sophomore because everyone just loved you.  Then after high school you went away to college.  I had just gotten married before you graduated & before you left I had just found out I was pregnant with Cooper.  I remember crying & telling Dan how sad I was going to be if you missed being at the hospital when I had Coop.  You went back to school after spring break that Sunday & he was born that Tuesday.  Then I was pregnant with Millie Jo & just knew that you'd get to be there when she was born since she was due in January around the time of your winter break ... she decided to stay snug for 40+ weeks & you missed hers too.  Thank goodness for smart phones!  If you could try to be in town in October this year, that'd be great ;).  The day you graduated from NC State I was so proud of you, Hunt.  You have accomplished so much in 25 years & now, here you are getting married tomorrow to the love of your life ... one of the greatest accomplishments yet!  I am so proud of you for many different reasons but most importantly how you love Christ & the way you love Madi.  She's so blessed to be marrying you!

I'm so thankful for you!
I love the way you love Hunter.  Anyone that knows the two of you can just look at you both & see how in love you are.  
You have won the heart of a man who is loving, caring, respectful & selfless.  Our family is so blessed to have you & I can't wait to have another beautiful sister!

To the both of you,
If you were to ask my advice on marriage . . .
First, I would tell you just like Ephesians 5:22, 25 & 33 says in the Bible. (22) 'Wives, submit yourselves to your husband as you do to the Lord.' . . . (25) 'Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church.' . . . (33) 'However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.'
 Love & respect ... sounds easy enough, right?!  Well, sometimes that is easier said than done but it is so important in a marriage.  Madi, if you respect Hunter the way God has called you to do he will love you like he is supposed to & vice-versa.  Marriage takes two ... 100-100.
Secondly, I would tell you to learn each others love language.  It is also so important in a marriage especially when it comes to communication.
Finally, I would tell you to keep your eyes to Jesus.  By doing so it doesn't mean that tough times won't come, it just simply means that when they do God will get you through it.
I want you both to know that I am always here for you.  I wish you both a lifetime of love & happiness. 
I love you both dearly & hope that your wedding day is everything you've ever dreamed it would be.




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