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We're Having a Baby!

by - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Back in February we found out that we were expecting baby number 3.
We are so excited to be completing our family.

A little background story ...

Dan & I always knew that we wanted 3 or 4 kiddos but after our marriage went through an extremely heartbreaking situation last year we just weren't sure we'd have anymore.  God had other plans.  After lots of heartache, courage to be honest {because our marriage couldn't move on without it}, prayer & tears in 2015 God saw that we handled our situation exactly how He wanted us to ... hand in hand with our eyes to Him & here we are, pregnant with our 3rd baby.  He has so much in store for our family this year & the years to come.  Dan & I love sitting down together talking about how far God has brought us.  He is so good!

So we went to my first appointment back in February & I thought I was about 8 weeks but by the ultrasound I was only 6.  Two weeks behind is a big deal during the first trimester ... especially if you get as sick as I do.  I swear I start throwing up as soon as I see a positive pregnancy test.  I will say, it's so worth it though when you finally see that sweet baby's face.
  When we told Cooper & Millie Jo we sat them down on the couch, made them close their eyes & handed them each an ultrasound picture.  Their responses as to what exactly they were looking at was hilarious especially Millie Jo's.  I mean she guessed "it's Cooper in mommy's belly", "Grammy & Pop", "a circle", "Olivia" (which is her little friend she just loves so much).  Finally I said that it was my belly with a baby in it & Cooper yells "YOU'RE HAVING A BABY??" & they both started jumping up & down, hugged me & then immediately started saying if they want a boy or girl baby.  It couldn't have been a sweeter video.  I love that they're both so excited!

The Pegram 5 coming October 2016.



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