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by - Monday, September 19, 2022

Hey Hey Monday!

Year two of GRAMMY CAMP is in the books & it was another fun experience that my kiddos will remember forever!

My mom is so cute & has the whole weekend planned with all the activities, crafts, a breakfast/lunch/dinner menu, & a whole itinerary for them.
We drop off all the grands on Thursday afternoon & pick them up on Saturday evening!
This year, they kicked off camp by baking & decorating cupcakes with my mom & sister!

They spend lots of time outside playing, swimming, having water balloon fights, & having snack .. after snack .. after snack.
In the evenings they do crafts! Cooper made this out of clay for Dan for Father's Day this year & named him Cowboy Dan.

They all campout in the living room together each night & rest up to do it all over again the next day!
One of the many things I love is that my mom includes them in all the things .. whether it be helping in the kitchen, working in the garden, cleaning strawberries .. Not only are they having a blast, but they are also learning.

This year, they painted flower pots ..
Had their favorite ice cream ..
And played games upon games!

I think they would all agree that the outdoor activities are their favorite though!
At the end of camp each year, they do a time capsule & bury it in the yard somewhere.  The next year they all open it together to see what they wrote the previous year.
This year, to end Grammy Camp, my mom threw a Luau.  When we got there Saturday evening, we were greeted by these two campers!

I mean!!

Thanks for always the best week, Grammy & Pop!
We love you & Grammy Camp!


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