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by - Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Well, better late than never I suppose.  I mentioned LAST WEEK that our family has been under the weather for gosh what seems like forever.  It all started in September & we just haven't been able to catch a break since.  Friday afternoon, Dan came home not feeling well & to our surprise his temperature was well over 103.  I took him to urgent care where he was sent home with negative flu, strep, & that other that is going around.  He was told it was just a bad upper respiratory infection & sent on his way.  Fast forward to Saturday morning, he woke up with a headache and really dizzy.  His temperature was 104.5.  We decided that his dad would take him to the ER so I didn't risk bringing anything else home to our kiddos because one of us needed to be well.  After more tests, blood work, & a chest x ray, he was admitted into the hospital with double pneumonia & concern of sepsis.  Ask me how terrified I was.  Not only that, but he could also have no visitors until after his THIRD (at this point) "C" test came back negative. Praise the Lord after more blood work, sepsis was ruled out, but his oxygen level was too low for their liking & his heartache was really high. Not only this, but Millie Jo had woken up Saturday morning not feeling well & complaining of her head hurting with a 102 fever, so I was keeping an eye on her.  Right after I got the news that Dan was being admitted, Millie Jo woke up from a nap burning up with a fever of 104.8.  We've all passed this upper respiratory infection around & my first thought is that hers has turned into bacterial pneumonia as well so I called my mom to come keep Cooper & Ellie Joy so I could take her to the children's hospital.  I honestly was in panic mode & didn't know what to do.  Within 10 minutes her fever was up to 105.2 & I was doing everything I knew to do to try & cool her down.  I wet a towel & laid it on top of her, I put her in a cool bath, gave her Tylenol. She could barely walk because she was so dizzy.  Pop ended up driving us over there & dropping us off & bless his soul waited in the parking deck for almost 4 hours while we were there.  They took her back immediately, got us into a room, scheduled a chest x ray, gave her more medicine, & more tests.  Thankfully, all tests were negative & her chest x ray had no signs of pneumonia.  We were told it was all upper respiratory & that the high fever was doing its job by fighting all any infection that was trying to occur. I am so thankful she is ok.  I've never had a child whose fever got that high, so it was really scary.

Dan was able to come home yesterday & I don't know who was happier, him or me. Two days in the hospital was two days too many.  He still can't walk far without having to stop & catch his breath & his oxygen level drops when he walks, but immediately goes up to a safer range when he's not & he has only had a low-grade fever since Sunday.  Millie Jo went back to school today after resting all weekend & yesterday.  She is feeling much better!

Thank you all for your prayers.  Please keep them coming as Dan recovers.  We aren't sure exactly how long it will take for him to be 100% well, but we know it will take time.  Jesus is the great physician & we are trusting in Him to do only what He can do!

I am praying that the rest of us stay well & that this season of sickness is behind us.  As I was sitting in the children's emergency room, I saw children who weren't as fortunate as Millie Jo to be going home that night.  It was really heartbreaking to hear the cries & the calls for mommy.  I can't imagine & if that is you reading this, please know that I am praying for you!  I never want to take my family's health for granted because I know it could be so much worse.

Gosh, I know this was a lot for your Tuesday evening, but I wanted to give y'all an update!  We've had so many people praying for us & reaching out to us.  If you reached out on social media, I have seen your messages, I just haven't had time to respond to each one of them yet, but know this, my family is so grateful!


And just so this blog post isn't forever long, I am going to just share pictures from our Thanksgiving break.  They pretty much speak for themselves anyway!  I had never been to the beach in November & it may just be my new favorite time to go! It was amazing!  We went to the Pirate Show (some went for the show, others were there for the corn on the cob), played putt-putt (there was a course right outside of our balcony), us girls played on the beach while the boys played golf, we swam & swam some more, we walked around the shops, & ate at some of our most favorite places down there, & we even rode some rides.  It was a fun little getaway!

Guess who packed zero sand buckets ...

Next up, it's CHRISTMAS!!  And speaking of which, I will be sharing my Christmas home tour with you soon!!


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  1. What beautiful Thanksgiving photos! I am so glad to hear that your husband and daughter are doing better.