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by - Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Hey Hey!

Happy Tuesday!

We are finally on the mend over here from all the sickness.  Dan had his follow up appointment yesterday & his chest x ray showed NO pneumonia in his lungs!  Praise the Lord!  We are so thankful that he is feeling much better.  I sure was missing my tag team partner!  Thank all of you for your prayers for my family.  They truly meant the world to us!


Fred, our elf, has been coming to our house since Cooper was two years old & last year, Snowflake joined him!  You just never know what these two will be up to around here.  

The North Pole breakfast is a favorite tradition of ours & it's a morning we look forward to all year long! 
This year was a little different since Dan was in the hospital & he didn't get to join us, but he knew that the North Pole Breakfast was just what the kids needed after all the sickness & emergency room visits that were going on!

It's a morning where we have all the delicious not your everyday breakfast foods, but we do balance it out with some fruit.

Every year, our elves bring an ornament to add to their Christmas trees in their rooms.

And every year they get new Christmas pjs, too! 
 This year was the cutest GRINCH ONES

This specific morning is right on up there with Christmas morning.  Just so much joy & excitement! These sweet memories are the ones I want to remember forever!

You can see all of our North Pole Breakfasts of Christmas past HERE!


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  1. So glad to hear your husband is back to his healthy self! That breakfast looks so fun.