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by - Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Every year, Dan & I try to take at least two trips just the two of us.  It has been a game changer for our marriage ... & it only took us 8 or 9 years into our marriage to do so.  Don't wait that long!  It's so nice to be able to give each other 100% of our attention & just focus on each other!

On October 14th, we celebrated 18 years being together ... I know what y'all are thinking "gosh you're so young .. 18 years!?!" HA!! Just kidding.  But yes, 18 years! 

For this little getaway we had plans for several months to go away to one of our favorite campgrounds & camp.  We made it there on a Friday evening & unfortunately had some issues with the camper so we packed it back up & headed back home with no other plans.  Our kiddos were already taken care of for the whole weekend so we could do anything we wanted!  Saturday morning, we woke up, grabbed our bags & headed toward the NC mountains.  We spent the day in Boone & Blowing Rock & after searching for what seemed like forever for somewhere to stay with no luck, I was ready to head home.  But Dan, being the laid back, spontaneous one in our marriage, never had any doubt .. he knew we would find somewhere.  He pulled into a campground & asked if they had any cabins available for the night & it just so happened that they had just had a cancellation for a teeny tiny cabin.
And it was perfect.
Once we dropped our bags off, we went to the store to grab some firewood & picked up our pizza from Mellow Mushroom because when in Blowing Rock & took it back to the cabin.  We sat outside by the fire just talking about life & catching up with each other.  I found some questions on Pinterest to ask each other & even after 18 years, we still learned new things about each other.
Sunday morning, we had the BEST breakfast we have ever had.  Goodness gracious.  We ate at Famous Toastery & it was incredible!  The wait for a patio table was long, but well worth it!
After breakfast, before heading home to our babes, we stopped by the actual Blowing Rock .. all the years we have been here, we have never actually went to see the rock.  And why not?? Because it was beautiful!

Such a sweet weekend we had together.  And I love that Dan never doubted we would find somewhere to stay!

No marriage is perfect.  I don't care what you see on someone else's highlight reel.  Marriage is hard .. even if you are married to your best friend.  It takes work! And you both have to want it.  If your marriage is in the thick of it, don't ever left anyone tell you that it's too far gone.  Keep Jesus at the center, pray together, pray FOR each other, invest in it, & put in the work.  It's beautiful & so worth it!


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