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by - Thursday, November 04, 2021

Happy Thursday, friends!

North Carolina completely missed fall & jumped straight to winter.  It's 45 degrees here today & I am LOVING it!!

Today, I'm sharing all about RUTHIE BELLE DAY!  If you're new around here then you're probably wondering what is Ruthie Belle Day!?!  In 2016, my husband & I had a late miscarriage & lost our little girl.  You can read her story & more HERE.  Her due date was October 29, 2016 & every year we celebrate her life on that day.  It's something we all look forward to every year.  

This year, she would have been five years old.  FIVE!  Birthdays are a big deal in our house ... especially 5th birthdays.  I mean, you're officially a WHOLE hand!  That's something to celebrate for sure!

We knew that we wanted to celebrate her in a big way this year & so we thought, if she were here with us, what would we have done for her 5th birthday party?  Two words ... PUMPKIN PATCH!  So last Friday, after the kiddos got out of school, that's where we headed.

And these three were so excited!

I look at this sweet girl often & praise God for the heartache of losing Ruthie Belle because it led to this rainbow girl.  I will say though, I would have loved to see them living sister life together.

She loves talking about Ruthie Belle & was the sweetest singing Happy Birthday to her on the hayride.
We picked the cutest little pumpkins, too!

Millie Jo probably talks about her sister the most.  She was only 3 years old (Ellie Joy's age now) when she lost her sister, but she remembers so much.  I'm so grateful.
And if you ask Coop how many siblings he has, he ALWAYS, without fail, says three sisters.

The whole time at the pumpkin patch was just filled with so much joy.  I can just imagine her running around with us giggling & playing.

About the time we left, it started raining, so we waited until we got home to light her tiny cake & sing Happy Birthday to her.

I say it every year & will continue to say it.  All life has a purpose.  My sweet Ruthie Belle is proof.  God continues to use her life to help heal the hearts of many others who have lost their baby.  How cool is He!?!  Only He can take our hurt & use it for His glory!

My sweet Ruthie Belle, I'll hold you in my heart until I can hold you in Heaven.


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